Juggling and music masters course video w/@tehn

brian came out to stockholm to help us in our final week with the juggling and music masters course at the university of dance and circus. we gave a small presentation on the final day:



  • bt balls advancing arpeggios
  • polyrhythms and phasing
  • ambient juggling
  • amplified tiny sound
  • mlrv’d gesture
  • conducting and capture
  • magnetic tape, beautifully destroyed
  • more

the above video shows none of the gear, but glimpse here:


Thanks, this is a kick in the brain at exactly the right time.

I’m teaching a design lab course in January where the students work with animation / game engines to design ‘something.’ They tend to lean towards approaches that are a bit conservative but I think showing parts of this will make them really think about the relationship between sound, space, agent / agency… in particular the microphone / juggling synergy and the triggering with sensor balls will I think really help people get into a more freeform, creative space.