Just a quick hello- hi!


Hello all, I just wanted to take a sec and introduce myself. I’ve been reading/lurking for a while so I figure it’s about time I start contributing as I’ve been pulling knowledge and insight out of the group from the sidelines. I’ve been intending to dip my toe into Monome hardware for a while, but my interests are pretty wide and varied.

I probably already know quite a few of you from other corners of the internet. I’m Jay, I make music as No Parades in Portland OR and run a small booking/label entity called Lifelike Family. Full disclosure, I’m the production coordinator/shop scheduler/builder at Darkplace Mfg. (we make euro modules and pedals). Anything I post/opine on is solely my personal opinion and in no way identifies or represents Darkplace or any of DPM’s distributed brands (sorry for the lazy legalese).

I wanted to also say thanks for being my first stop when I’m looking for specifics about certain euro/hardware interactions and ideas for how to expand my already scattered knowledge base. I’m a huge Mannequins nut, so you can expect a lot of fanboy behavior :slight_smile:


Hi Jay, good to meet you. I hadn’t heard of Darkplace before, it looks great. Also, where I come from, your performing name has a whole different set of connotations.


I’m honestly suspicious of anyone who’s not :wink:



HEYYYYY JAYYYYYY smileys smileys

(I used to go to the Abstracted night the Lifelike Family used to run around town.)


Good to see you around here, Jay :smile:


Hello and welcome for 20 characters of greetings!



And, I love getting boxes from Darkplace!


“used to”? ouch.

We’re gonna get going again in February I think, assuming anyone shows up.


The venue made it sound like the end had come… if it’s back on, that’s great!


Hello :slight_smile: