Just Friends just wont Just Type

I’m trying to get my brand new Just Friends to talk to teletype.
It’s not happening.
I type JF.TR 0 1 - enter, and nothing happens.
I set JF to sound and cycle and I type JF.SHIFT N 7 and it doersn’t transpose.
The Teletype is talking to Earthsea, just fine.
I reinstalled TT 2.2 to be safe.
I have Earthsea and 3 ansibles connected plus JT. I have a TT busboard installed.
Am I missing some blindingly obvious first step? Or do I have issues?

Have you tried updating your Just Friends?

Apologies are in order. We just discovered that the most recent batch of Just Friends have been shipping with a the I2C connection not working. Good news is it’s just a firmware bug and we will have an update posted tomorrow.

The ‘Latest Version’ on our website actually doesn’t correctly support the newest hardware revision, so I’d hold off until tomorrow if possible. We’ll get the website updated with the new fully compatible version.


Ok. Thanks for speedy reply. I’ll look into the procedure.

I believe it should be fixed in the now posted v3.1.1 at the above linked “Latest Version” page. Please post back here if it doesn’t solve your problem!


I’m guessing there is no reason for someone running 3.05 on older hardware to update to v3.1.1 correct?

So I’m confused. Had the same issue with a JF from the latest batch. But I fixed it by reloading the JF firmware. So…!?

Correct, older hardware users need not upgrade.

There is a changelog on the ‘Latest Version’ page which lists all the changes.

The previous version would work but some of the ranges for knobs & cv inputs would have been off relative to the version that shipped. I recommend the v3.1.1 for ‘correct’ operation.

Thanks. I’ll upgrade to the newest. And glad to know I wasn’t losing it when it wasn’t working as expected.

Well, that was an odd experience… I created an empty Logic project, 48k, imported the file and assigned the channel to output 5, connected to JF and it wasn’t having it. Tried all different levels. Identity and 3 lit up every time. Eventually used the file player in dropbox app in my phone and it was fine…

Yeah I had mixed results getting my DAW and/or iTunes to use 48kHz. Probably more to do with my interface being cranky? I didn’t try on my phone, but using Audacity made it a breeze

not to pile on, but i’ve always had success on a mac just by pluggin in, turning up the volume (and selecting 48k system playback), and hitting the spacebar when the file is selected in Preview.

I use Logic too, make sure to turn off the pesky default metronome if you haven’t. Other than that, I had to lower the volume a good amount to get things working.

If you’re on a Mac Quicktime playback works great. I just run it at full volume, and a normal patch cable from headphone out into the jack the module wants.

Yeah I just updated my W/s (finally) and a JF last night: QuickTime player, patch cable straight into headphone jack, volume a smidge higher than 3/4s.

Hey all, short time reader, first time poster here.

Just picked up a new JF from Control this week and a used Teletype (running 2.0.1, gotta update that too) and started doing research when I couldn’t communicate to the JF from TT. Found this thread.

Tried to update my JF first by patching a normal patch cord from my iPhone X (via Lightning adaptor) and then tried from my computer. Both times, when I powered up my synth, all the outputs were blinking as if it were working normally, so it’s clearly not powering up into Bootloader. All the knobs are counter-clockwise, the switches are set to sound and cycle. Here’s a video: Dropbox Video

Anyone experience this? Am I missing something stupid, @Galapagoose?

I seem to recall someone having an issue getting into the bootloader on certain power supplies. Do you have another case/power supply you could try?

edit: found the post

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Had this issue in my Pittsburgh Structure EP-208.

Some cases will work if you switch them off and back on rapidly. The Structure EP-208 never worked since it provides power to the +12 and -12 rails with 2 slightly different transformers, apparently. EP-360 doesn’t have this issue.


If doing a quick power cycle like that doesn’t work, try plugging the run jack cable’s other end to a fully closed VCA before powering on the synth. After it powere into boot loader then switch that cable to your playback device.

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@justmat and @jonny - thanks, my case has the Trogotronic M15 system in it, but I have an old uZeus module with the flying busboard cable, so I’ll give that a shot later this afternoon when I’m back in front of my synth.

If still no luck, I’ll give the VCA trick a shot, @voidstar.

EDIT: uZeus worked like a charm! Updated! Thanks!