Just friends not so slow anymore

Hi everyone,
since i updated my JF to the last firmware (btw now best module of my life) i find that in cycle/shape mode JF is not super slow as before.
Do you have the same problem? i remember super slow lfo cycles, but now i can’t make it anymore.

There are two versions of the firmware:

Use JF v3.0.4_slow if you want the super slow modulations of the original firmware.

Ciao :smiley:


How can you tell which firmware you have? I got mine used and don’t know.

What’s defined as slow with the firmware you’ve got installed? I think that I’ve got the same firmware installed as you do, but as this module is a new friend in my life I really don’t know…
And with the super slow modulations that Alessandro is mentioning, am I losing anything else if that is installed instead?

Here, from the horse’s mouth:

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I seem to remember something about the faster times in the new firmware being linked to tighter tuning - but I can’t find the post.

You can use the new firmware and send a negative offset into the Time input to get slower cycles.

Thanks! I just noticed in a mail from the seller that he said it’s got the slower version installed, but I think it’s not that slow as mentioned in the description above. Well, still great!

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Remember, when he’s saying those ranges, he’s probably incorporating negative (and positive) CV offset patched to the Time input.

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You can push a negative cv into the time v/o jack to slow it down again right?

Not sure where to post this.

I updated the firmware on my JF last night and everything seemed to go well until the very last step.

I used my iPad Air v1 as the playback device, so I assume it was operating at the required 48khz.

The last step says: “ 3N will light temporarily and then Just Friends will restart anew!”

So, 3N did light temporarily, but after that all the lights just started flashing in a fast and seemingly random fashion.

I’m not sure what it was supposed to do when restarting anew in this configuration.

The sound/cycle seems to go much lower in pitch than before, and the speed of the pulsing lights seems slower…

Are there any steps I can take to try to determine if it’s working correctly?