Just Friends: RUN jack issue

Here’s the WR response to the situation with Just Friends’ RUN jack potentially damaging other modules.


thank you
comprehensive answer imo

Thank you for posting the information.

So, is there a list of modules “vulnerable” to this jolt?

What about the monome line?
Are these modules susceptible to damage if their outputs are patched in first (before RUN)?
Is teletype?

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So the Intellijel Metropolis is definitely one of them (I’m the poster of this thread: https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=170641&start=75&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight= )

The Verbos Random Sampling has been affected as well,

Someone else was mentioning frying his MI Grids and QCD as well but didn’t make the connection with JF immediately so it is unsure.

Thanks you for the complete, detailed response, Trent.

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I can’t see how the monome euro or any i2c device would be effected but I don’t know for sure
The very end statement was that they where going to look into an alternative for the next JF run…

I feel a bit for whimsical. they’re excellent with their info yet people ask about stuff that’s clearly written in their manuals.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there some pause in fw that facilitates safe patching in current models

the question was, wether all monome modules are protected across the whole range of eurorack power.

then again, after this info, you may want to accustom yourself to patch run first no matter which modules involved…

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Indeed, I don’t own any of “fried” modules but its better safe than sorry…
Wonder if generally it makes sense to patch things “first IN” for everything, I’m a bit accustomed on doing things other way around, but its not instinct yet

I really do appreciate the explanation on the WR site, thanks for the heads-up!

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i am not asking about i2c connections.

i want to know if all the monome modules’ outputs are safe/protected from the jolt coming from the RUN input.

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all monome and mannequins modules have protected inputs and outputs. no possible damage.


not sure if this has been asked/answered - do the trilogy/ansible modules use the same mechanism for normalization detection? or are they safe?

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Thank you @tehn
That is very good to hear.
In that case, I will try to restrict the RUN to something that is handled/modulated by monome modules only.

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Good luck to the dev team and thank you from a grateful member of the community. I’ll light a candle / rub the buddha / tip a waiter / smile at a dog in hopes the karma flows through.


It would be nice to have it confirmed. There is some sort of normalisation going on with the clock input.

I’ve measured WhiteWhale, clock out is approx. 11V, on the clock in, if you wiggle the cable while half in you get approx. -5V. I tried measuring the current and the least significant digit on my multimeter wobbled a bit, but it appears to be approx. 0.

If you want to look at the bits of code responsible they are here, here, and here.

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Yea normalization for this is a lot easier because it never expects negative voltages from the input jack, whereas JF needs to accommodate up to -10 volts (I believe) due to some of the different run mode behaviors

Two questions for @Galapagoose:

  1. Is there a plan for a new batch of JF with this flaw fixed, and, if so, when could we expect that release?

  2. What is the best way of contacting WR, where we could expect a reply? (This forum? Email? Other?)

Thank you.

i think half of your first question is answered in the statement - from the link above:
For existing units we’ll be including a small warning message about the issue, and encouraging our retailers to do the same for existing stock. We’ll be reworking the jack-detection mechanism to avoid this issue in the future, confirming with affected manufacturers the safety of this new approach.

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I read that statement, of course.

I would like to know what my options are in terms of getting it fixed. IF a new batch is coming, say, within a month, i might wait. If it is totally undetermined wait, I will look for a third party to fix this for me.

I did send WR email directy inquiring about repair of the unit I bought from WR dirctly, but did not receive a reply. Hence my question Nr. 2

I highly doubt they will be offering a fix whether diy or other for existing modules. That’s why they will be only issuing warnings.