Just Friends (Sound): exact pitch / fine tune troubles

question for the folks who use JF in non-Teletype Sound modes:

how do y’all get JF to exact pitches? say I want to tune to E2, the closest I can really get with small tweaks on the Time knob is either -15c below or +5c above. even +/- 1c would work for me, but I just can’t get there.

any tips/corroboration?

New user, but I was able to tune it. Are you using identity out to tune the root?

I have similar trouble with just friends. This module could’ve really used a fine tune knob. I often just add an offset to the cv i send into the 1v/o input, as that is easier to dial in than it is with the coarse tune knob of just friends. Doepfer A-185-2 is great for that.


thanks for the replies, both!

alright, I tuned to ~ -12c @ E2, let it sit for 45 sec, then made small adjustments again to get to +2c, let it sit, adjusted again and got 0c.

this is a weird thing to say, but it feels like my Time knob doesn’t start assuming I want minute adjustments, so it gives 20c sweeps until I sit at the edge for a bit. then the same gesture will give smaller increments/decrements.

anyway, got to E2. and A1. and all over the place, with patience.


Similar experience - you get there eventually with little adjustments but it can take some time. Patience required! I believe the latest firmware has a smaller frequency range to make things a bit easier - I noticed a small improvement.

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and wouldn’t you know it, I went with that original frequency version. smh. all good here, though, thanks for the corroboration, tip and encouragement!

Sorry if this has been answered before(I have done a search).

Is there any way to tune Just Friends with precision? I am currently tuning it with Ableton’s tuner(Identity out, sound/cylce) and I’m having a hard time getting it tuned. The slightest touch sends it way past 0 ct.

I have tried using the FM knob to fine tune but it only gives me a few ct’s to work with.

Here’s a video: https://streamable.com/9vzum

If you have Teletype, you can use either synthesis mode (which should “just be in tune”) or JF.SHIFT X to fine tune.

(The firmware mentioned above won’t do anything better for you if you have at least version 3.0.5)

An offset into fm or pitch might work?

Thanks, it eventually got more stable so I was able to get a more precise tuning!