Just Friends tracking issues

So I was referred to here from the wonderful people over at muffwiggler. Right now my Just Friends in sound mode is not tracking very well. Using the Identity output to tune, going up or down an octave it will drift quite a bit. At two octaves it’s way off. This is with FM at noon and Intone at noon even though that shouldn’t matter. I’ve been using a beatstep pro and yarns to send note cv. I know yarns can be off sometimes but the beatstep should work just fine.

Has anyone here experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help!

Measured with a multimeter my Beatstep Pro does not track perfectly. There is a calibration procedure on the Mannequins Just Friends page that you could try, either to reset Just Friends to factory calibration or compensate for less accurate CV sources

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I know the beatstep isn’t perfect, but it was never this off with my other oscillators. I’ll try calibrating and if that doesn’t work I’ll try resetting to factory settings. If those don’t work I may have to settle for sampling it and sticking it in Harmor or something. Thanks for the reply!

Any resolution on this @LilAkka? I just moved all my stuff over to a new case with an Intellijel 80wmax power supply. In my old case JF tracked just fine. Now in my new case, it gets noticeably off. Sure it wouldn’t hurt to recalibrate anyway.

I recalibrated and it tracked a lot better.