Just Friends update procedure is blowing my fuses

I’m trying to update my JF to v3. I just started the update procedure by switching my synth off and dialling all pots fully CCW. I switched it on, nothing. I thought that since I’ve been managing a buggy w/ by resetting the synth a lot it’s probably blown because of that. Replace the fuse, by which time I’ve moved the JF dials, everything turns on. Relief. Then I go to start again, switch it off, reset the pots, and same thing happens again. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Bit confused!

Thanks :pray:t2:

I believe he was referring to the fuse in his power supply, not his mains fuses?

Yes, sorry. The fuse in my case blew. It’s as if the position of the pots at startup is causing a surge??

Whoops! Never mind my reply then.

Hope you find a solution to your problem!

No problem. Thanks anyway!

What power supply are you using? How many modules are attached to that power supply? Are you using a ‘slo-blow’ fuse in the power supply?

As an experiment, can you try turning on the case with JF not set to bootloader mode, then turn all the pots CCW and see if the module turns off? That might suggest a different problem than a startup surge issue.

I think it was a power issue at startup. I replaced the fuses a few times and it’s settled down now. Thanks very much for the reply.