Just Friends v4.0

The latest & greatest v4.0!

Just Friends has freshened up and is ready to take on this dark & troubled world.

This update fixes a number of long standing, yet subtle, bugs in Just Friends. Sustain mode is now much smoother than previously, seamlessly changing direction with all CURVE settings, reducing clicks that would have previously occurred. RUN behaviour has been fixed for SHIFT above 5V, forcing a full cycle to complete before being retriggered. STRATA now responds in a more analog way when attack time is at a minimum, for snappier ARSR envelopes that maintain a full-strength transient.

In parallel to development of crow v2.0, a number of extensions and fixes have been made to Just Type (Just Friends’ ii commands):

  • Geode has many bugs fixed, and includes a rich set of new RUN behaviour for fluid rhythms
  • Synthesis has an overhauled polyphonic allocator for smarter voice spreading & stealing
  • Hardware states and runtime values can now be queried
  • Two Just Friends’ can now coexist on a single ii bus.
  • A stack of bug fixes & stability improvements for maximal note sequences

Just Type documentation has been overhauled & is now hosted on Github for far greater readability. Releases are now there too, where you’ll find the full changelog and Firmware Update instructions.

I’ve got some short videos demonstrating the new Geode functionality in the works, that I’m just so excited to share. It’s really a lot of fun.

New modules are in the works, but still a while off from being available again. Hold tight!


Does this mean the module will be in stock again soon?

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Yay!! very excited about this!

twenty characters of !!!


fantastic, thank you!!!

Exciting days in the Whimsical family of tools.


I’m having issues getting this firmware to load. I’ve followed all the instructions, but when it gets to the end of the wave file 3 and 4n stay lit, and it doesn’t restart. Tried multiple time. Device is on airplane mode and no issues until the final restart. Thanks.

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Quite excited by this and Crow 2.0. Thanks for all you do!

Y’all carve out new spaces faster than one might explore them. Thank you for your dedication.

  • NEW weak pullups enabled on ii lines. Coexists with existing Teletype and/or Crow setups

Just want to call attention to this change since it means that Ansible (or multipass apps like Polyearthsea or Orca’s Heart) can now be directly connected to Just Friends without needing Teletype / crow / a powered backpack on the I2C bus – I just tested this out and it works. Great stuff as always, thanks Trent!


The new voice allocation works really well!

2 just friemds same bus
Omg I’m pumped time to rearrange my I2c

Just started thinking about two jfs even without being able to use them both on the iic but this changes things a lot. I’m really lookin forwrd to these geode explorations. Thanks :blush:

Did anyone else have to start up in sound mode but switch to shape in order to get 6n pulsing before update? If it isn’t just me then the instructions need an amend!

thank you!
mine is now updated

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Ran updates and all went well so far as I can tell. Teletype, however, does not recognize JF.ADDR 2 (returns the ‘unknown word’ error). Running V 3.2.0 BOA17FE on TT. Is there another TT update I ought to wait on?

Again thanks so much :heart:

I believe a lot of the extended ii functionality is not yet implemented on the TT side. From the Just Type documentation (linked in the top post):

Some of these commands have not been implemented on Teletype and are marked with (proposed) to indicate they are not currently accessible.

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@desolationjones is currently updating aspects of Teletype firmware, maybe we can interest him in integrating the Just Type changes?

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Does this mean we can address two JFs independently through I2c?


Might need a team lift on this one. Especially because we are going to need a method for addressing the second JF. I’d suggest “JF2” versions of all JF OPs rather than adding an argument to all the original JF OPs.

@Galapagoose Are the I2C messages listed somewhere?