Just Friends v4.0

Ok, thanks. @Galapagoose is that something we could hope for in the future?

Here’s the full list of JF 4.0 I2C commands which includes an offset for TIME but not RAMP. The RAMP et al knob positions (with CV value offset!) can be gotten but not set.

edit: on a re-read, my ex-catholic senses picked up on this nicene phrasing, “be gotten but not set”…

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Thanks, that’s useful, I’ll have a look!

I’m not planning to add this to the module because I believe it breaks the what you see is what you get nature of the interface. If there’s a really interesting use case that this would enable I’d consider it, but in the near term, I’d suggest to just use a patch cable.

TIME has ii-control because it is an arbitrarily chosen range (ie the knob could meaningfully turn ‘beyond’ the limit of the physical knob). Having ii-control enables precise pitch setting / tuning (a common complaint due to no FINE control).


I’m sometimes experiencing hanging notes with just type (JF.MODE 1) and JF.NOTE. The mode rocker on the module is on “transient”, the hanging notes fade out if I quickly switch to “cycle” and back.

In this particular script I’m sending just friends two notes, with a short (1ms-100ms) delay in between, it didn’t happen in my previous script where I always had longer between notes.

Am I doing something wrong?

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!


AFAIK this is a Thing That Happens


I’m also having this issue when sending two notes to to the same voice with a short delay between the two

Aka a bug that would be nice to have fixed?


I didn’t know this happened in Transient mode… I thought people only experienced it in sustain, but knowing this gives me something to track down. Can’t promise a release asap, but it’s logged!

Can you make reliably hang with a certain delay time? Or is it always a ‘sometimes’ thing? If you can reliably reproduce, please post the script.

Also - are you all on Teletype, or is this on crow too?

To confirm, @ilikeorangethecolour is using JF.VOX and @a773 is using JF.NOTE both with the same issue occurring? In the JF.VOX case, after a voice has ‘hung’ do further messages release the envelope, or does it stay stuck open, but changes the note? Or is it just ignored altogether until released?


Hey @Galapagoose

I’m just looking back at my Teletype script from yesterday. I was just able to reproduce it again, however this time without delay, I can keep experimenting to see if I can reproduce the behaviour again with delay.

Script 1

JF.VOX 1 V 0 V 5

Scipt 2

JF.VOX 1 V 1 V 5

If I trigger both scripts at the same time, script 2 takes precident over script 1, and the note will hang indefinitely until another trigger is received on either script. I’m not sure if this is what is supposed to happen or if it isn’t expected behaviour.

Let me know if this helps. Thank you

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I did also notice some idiosyncracies with hanging notes from JF.VOX using Teletype with transient mode. Nothing that didn’t sound musical, and it was the result of jamming tons of delayed metro copies through and lots of internal variables… But did seem to be related to triggers getting jammed close together. For what it’s worth.

It was my intention to affirm your experience, not dismiss your concern.

@Galapagoose I experience this issue with both JF.NOTE and JF.VOX. New messages clear hung notes as the new notes sound. I’m on TT. Tend to experience this when consecutive notes are within ~150 MS or less of each other. Issue is much less common since 4.0 (something about the language of this release made me think of it as a known issue).

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Just getting to know Just Friends this weekend, lovely sounds abound. i2c all hooded up to ansible and crow (no TT here), speaking nicely to kria and many Norns scripts. I am having some trouble understanding what different mode switch/run jack combos are doing when ansible/kria is in leader mode and driving JF. Is there a clear rundown of what knobs do what in which modes when following ansible? I’m getting sounds that I like, but without understanding what does what, I don’t know if I will be able to find those sounds again.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask or if there is somewhere better, please feel free to move.

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Calling any brave souls with TT + dual JFs: new beta OPs are in need of testing!


Dumb question… I can’t remember if I have updated my JF, is there a quick test to confirm?

I don’t see anything about verifying the version number in the update instructions.

I suppose you could test for one of the new features in the 4.0.0 release.

Presuming you have a Teletype:
Switch into SHAPE+CYCLE mode, then run JF.MODE 1 to access Geode. Send a negative CV to the RUN jack. If you are running 4.0, your JF will not crash :slightly_smiling_face:

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(fixed! thanks @desolationjones)

Hello! I’m seeing an odd thing with my JF since updating to 4.0 today. “Center” (i.e. all 6 waveforms being the same speed) is no longer at INTONE noon, but rather at about 11 o’clock.

This has persisted through a few factory resets, as well as rolling the firmware back to 3.2.a6 and then returning to 4.0.0, with factory resets after each firmware install.

I have not yet run the calibration procedure, but I can if that’s recommended. Looking the procedure though (JF: Latest Version – WHIMSICAL RAPS) it seems primarily oriented at calibrating the voltage response of TIME, and TIME is working correctly for me. Calibration fixed this issue for me.

Separately: I can no longer find the ‘2 o’clock’ spot (described here by Alanza) anywhere between INTONE at 11 and fully CW, which I used to be able to find easily.

I don’t recall that I changed my intonation intervals, but, would something like this be correct to reset to the default state?

-- Set 1-6 to n/1
for i=1,6 do ii.jf.retune( i, i, 1 ) end

Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

Had this issue before and calibration fixed it.

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A new version is discussed & available here.