Just Friends v4.1

This is 4.1.2
Same as below with a fix for occasional hung notes in Synthesis transient mode.


Find 4.1.0 here

Only a few changes, but certainly some important ones. This update was originally just going to fix some i2c bugs, but a few other issues arose along the way.

There’s a new compressor on the MIX jack in the sound modes. This makes the RUN modes far more usable, as well as Just Type being a little more forgiving with level controls.

The INTONE control has been re-repaired and now operates as per the original module’s design (thanks @xenus_dad). The harmonic sweetspots are again accessible, and sound great through the new MIX compressor.

Finally a substantial bug was fixed in the ii driver which I believe was the cause of hung & dropped notes, as well as getter instability. That said, I was unable to reproduce these issues previously, so I can’t say for sure this is the solution-- I am optimistic though!

The previous release (4.0.0) & discussion is here.


ok what?!

compressor??? :smiley:


Ohhhh myyy really loooking forward to trying it out!

Thanks for this!

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Thank you Trent!

Thanks so much!

Been running firmware 4.1 for about 30mins now, no stuck notes! Thanks!


Oh wonderful! Thank you so much for your work and for your instruments!

It would be great if some JF4.1 + Teletype users could help stress-test the new Just Type OPs! The window is also open for suggestions on the overall flow of these OPs, especially with regards to dual-JF setups.


Thanking you kindly. Don’t seem to be experiencing any stuck notes here now!

Happy too soon, stuck note again, took longer than before, but still…

Can you please DM me your setup so I can try to reproduce. All devices connected to the ii bus, TT or crow (and which version), and the script that reproduces it. I tried for over 3 hours yesterday to stick a note and it just wouldn’t happen, TT or crow regardless.

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I also just got stuck notes after about 10 minutes and have had 3/4 since then but it was fine for the first ten mins.

I’ll DM you my set up also @Galapagoose

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Smooth update this morning, will stress test with ansible later today. Yay compressor on the mix output!

sorry, not seeing how to prep the module for update anywhere, a little help?

I hope it’s ok to put it here, could be interesting maybe for users to test each others…

My test setup is simple: teletype (current git) + just friends (4.1) via i2c.

Complete list of devices on i2c bus:
2x txo
1x txi
just friends

I get stuck notes consistently after less than 10 mins…

Full version attached here: tt20s.txt (1.2 KB)

Non-empty parts of the scene (only #I and #M are used):

J * 7 RND 2
PROB 30: J + + J 3 * 7 RND 2
PROB 20: J + J * 12 RND 2
TR.P 1

M 200

@Fedor, if you download the zip file on the page linked to above there should be a text file with instructions.


Update procedure here: JF: Firmware Update – WHIMSICAL RAPS


how is your bus connected? is there a powered busboard/TT backpack in there somewhere? that’s a lot of devices without extra pull-up.

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Just for my own clarity (I’m running the stress test with a similar though not identical ii setup): when the notes stick, are they stuck as in, ringing out continuously without decay? Do the other notes continue to play via the script as normal, or does the whole thing freeze up? Does Teletype itself also freeze, or just JF? What are your intone and time settings?

Also, have you tried isolating your ii bus such that only TT & JF are there, and then added back devices one at a time to see either if a specific device triggers freezes or if possibly there’s a general bus overload problem?

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It’s a new PCB teletype, no backpack.

I’m not sure how to use this sentence constructively…

Stuck notes are just staying at some low level, like a sustain level, other notes work fine, I think the stuck voices can even be retriggered. No freeze at all, JF is still responding as normal TT running happily, just the sustaining notes. Flicking the mode to cycle and back to transient stops the sustaining note(s).

This evening intone CCW, time round 11 o’clock.

No, I have not, and unfortunately won’t be able to move modules for the next couple of months, as everything is patched up tightly for an upcoming gig.

I was under the impression that people with very light i2c busses were experiencing the stuck notes, I might have been wrong.

I don’t know much about anything, but it seems odd to me that everything else on the bus runs super tight even with extreme traffic, specifically JF is having trouble (same amount of trouble with super little or super high traffic), and it should be due to too many devices on the bus. Even more odd when the problem feels like it’s been improved by v4.1.

Have you @Justmat or @xenus_dad tried my scene?

i just mean that, with more devices on the bus you’ll likely need more pull up resistance. insufficient pull-up can cause bus instability leading to lots of problems, including stuck notes.

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