Play Just Friends or W/ with MIDI


  • norns
  • crow
  • just friends (connected to crow via i2c) and/or W/ (connected to crow via i2c, up to 2 modules supported)
  • a MIDI controller and/or a grid



  • Script is currently configured in params menu

Just Friends

  • switch to sound/transient or sound/sustain
  • params: synth mode, god mode, run mode, run voltage


  • supports up to two modules addressed independently for 8-voice polyphony
  • does not support MIDI pitchbend (currently)
  • params: curve, ramp, fm index, fm env, fm ratio, lpg time, lpg symmetry, patch


  • output 1 is a 10V trigger pulse (5ms) on each note
  • output 2 is v/oct CV of the most recent note (0-10V or +/-5V)
  • output 3 is the velocity of the most recent note (0-10V or +/-5V)
  • output 4 is a MIDI CC value (0-10V or +/-5V, defaults to CC1)
  • params: pitch, velocity and cc voltage range

Future improvements

  • Configure via script UI instead of params menu
  • W/ pitchbend
  • Crow input 1 to pitchbend
  • Crow input 2 to sustain/latch
  • Voice unison and spread





Yes yes yes! Thank you for making this! I’ve been thinking about it too. Grabbing it now!

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I’ve been flirting with (and doing initial starts of) an i2c midi max patch suite and this is such a cool norns implementation of some of those ideas. Bravo!

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This looks fantastic! I’m away from my Norns just now and it’s not specific above, does this allow polyphonic playing of just friends via i2c?

Yep! I’ll update the description.

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This is excellent. Only bug(maybe) seems to be that short duration notes will often ‘hang’ and remain sounding until I re-trigger all six voices with new notes. (with a keystep/fates/crow/JF setup). Though if no one else is experiencing this of course it could be something on my end!

EDIT for future debuggers: issue is outdated keystep firmware.

might want to download the latest firmware for your keystep, as this has been an issue in the past: https://github.com/monome/norns/issues/609


20 characters worth of amazing thank you!


Updated to v1.2.1


  • Configure MIDI device/channel in params
  • K2 + K3 = all notes off
  • JF god mode param


  • Better v/oct pitch tracking


  • UI/param cleanup

First off – this looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it out

Couple of ideas: Gate into 1 for sustain input and trigger into 2 for “all notes off”/panic ?

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I like it. I could definitely see using an input to gate/retrigger the current/most recent voices.

I tried input 1 streaming to crow.ii.jf.transpose(volts) this morning and that worked really well for adding a bit of lo-fi pitch modulation.


Absolutely! I plan to add some basic support as soon as I get my W/s updated to the new firmware.


Here’s an experimental branch that adds support for wsyn: download zip

Almost all of the wsyn parameters can be changed from the params menu. I’ll probably hold off on adding anything into the master branch until things have stabilized.


Edit: updated with a fix for releasing notes in ASR mode. Now you can toggle between AR and ASR envelopes!


Wonderful work! Not tried but reading it.
Would it be a lot of hassle to add Grid (also 64) support?

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It shouldn’t be too difficult to get something basic working. Maybe a guitar-style layout with rows of semitones separated by 4ths?


Wich pretty much resembles earthsea (ash) (i think) without polly and would offer poly pattern rec at the same time. Still the best for free handed gridding

voltage range in the Params referes to per voice voltage so this is the setting to limit the volume of single voices and could help in reducing clipping the Mix Out?

I think the Param you’re referencing controls the range of the crow CV outputs. I’ve been thinking I need to add something to scale the voice levels to prevent clipping, if desired.

If that isnt the same, its over my head, i am still in planing mode, no crows yet and trying to understand whats covered.

Just pushed a small update that adds grid support and allows scaling the level of each voice.