Just seen on Github, looks like Atom supports Teletype!

Not really. But it turns out Teletype is a cool word.

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I was tweaked by this today too. Nerd solidarity!

(It got me thinking about TT emulation again though.)

it would be kinda cool to have the ability to connect 2 teletypes and be able to modify each other’s scripts…


It has begun!

A bug was opened against monome teletype that was clearly meant for github atom teletype, then closed soon after. Let the confusion begin! Here’s hoping that errant google searches will lead to increased interest in sweet modules.

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Hah. I got an email for that bug and was incredibly confused for a few moments.

Looks like it’s been recreated in the correct place.

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yeah, got the email as well, and my first thought was that timeline somehow got already implemented as that would be the only way to have a 200 lines script… :slight_smile:

on a serious note, i tried atom before and liked it and i wonder how feasible/usable a teletype extension for it would be (in this case monome teletype…), so that it could be used as an editor for teletype scripts with syntax validation, autocomplete etc. but not sure if it’s a good platform? perhaps an online based editor would be a better approach.


Atom is nice, but it is an Electron app, meaning it is a web app built in HTML/CSS/JavaScript with a desktop wrapper around it. Electron apps can be notoriously resource intensive.

Atom shares a lot of DNA with Sublime Text, which I find to be more respectful of resources (but otherwise very similar, if perhaps a bit rougher in some ways).

It’s possible to create syntax packages that are simultaneously compatible with both editors.


I should also mention that both editors are capable of converting any kind of line endings to LF if you like.


dos2unix dos2unix dos2unix

… pardon me.

is it heresy that i actually really like “visual studio code”?

i like atom too but its too dang heavy.


It’s really good. I was a doubter for a while, but I know there’s a bunch of folks I work with that love it.

This is clearly not a coincidence :slight_smile: Remember the original Atom commercial that featured a grid?

no, vsc is definitely pretty good - although another damn Electron app. The general increase in computational power seems to be being negated by the general increase in people wanting to write everything in Javascript.

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