"Just Type" Beta Testers



2017/08/28: New beta info & download link available here: https://www.whimsicalraps.com/pages/just-type

original post below
Hello friends,

We’ve made it somehow to the final stages of developing Just Type – the text-enabled alterego of Just Friends by way of teletype.

Presently we’d love some feedback on the current state of the system, so if you have both Just Friends & teletype, help would be much appreciated to finalize the release details. In particular some thoughts or guidance on the kinds of example scenes that should be included with teletype – Would be great to see what you script together for some automatic music box. Similarly the existing documentation is written from a highly technical perspective, and would be good to be expanded with more musically-oriented details.

Details here.

Firmware: removed: see link above


This is genius.

Exactly what I hoped for…and more.

I especially love the retuning of Intone possibility. Brilliant.

I basically have to get a Teletype…like…NOW.


this is really awesome, thank you!


i love the convenience of being able to transpose all 6 channels at once with JF.SHIFT. very handy for dub style, using I script to set up the chord and then doing something like JF.SHIFT N P.NEXT


Well, guess it’s time to line up / make room for a teletype.


Wow that’s really crazy how much control you can have over the functionality!! :open_mouth:
Unbelievable update, kudos @Galapagoose!


I’d love to see some scripts for the synthesis modes. Especially the rhythm mode. During testing I was confused as to what to feed it and what to expect.


I don’t own JF yet but this is quite exciting. The polyphonic modes seem very appealing to me.
First thought is : will i be able to use the usb MIDI of Ansible to play the JF polyphonically ?


Not currently, but you can already use the following strategy:
-Use Ansible’s FIXED MIDI mode, which listens for specific notes and produces gates when these notes are played on the input.
-Connect the four gate outputs to four Teletype gate inputs.
-Write a one-line script that triggers a Just Friends voice using a note that you want. You can create a simple script that produces only the chosen note, or you can have four mini-sequencers that use patterns to step through banks of notes.


planned feature when the time presents itself!


Great news. i’m really looking forward to it.


So stoked I ordered Ansible! Just Friends sounds amazing as a sound source. Teletype is blowing my mind so far as well. It’s the module that just keeps giving.


There seems to be some issue with Just Friends. Can this be sorted with a Just Type - firmware update?



That sounds more like a hardware issue…
but would be curious to find out exactly what’s going on.
I would imagine anyone with JF in their case must be feeling a bit concerned, no?


this is strange but
as far as i could read it’s only caused by partial insertion into RUN

apparently i’ve never tried that

really odd situation


The “partial insertion” happens every time you patch it in… it’s a kind of “sequence of events” that happen when you plug the jack, as it connects to different sections of the input.

Odd indeed.


JF in synth mode sounds absolutely gorgeous! beautiful polyphonic fm blissssssssssss


@Galapagoose Any possibility of an expander module for JF for those of us without TT? :grinning:


A little bit of Feedback:

After a few more seconds, JF will automatically restart.

This somehow scared me off the update procedure. For me it reads a bit like a timing critical thing (“Turn off quickly after the update procedure!”) But to me it’s not precisely clear what is indicating:

JF will automatically restart.

If the warning is indeed because of the problem in the above mentioned MF thread (with -12v exposed while inserting/removing the cable on the run socket ), I’d change the instructions to emphasize turning off the synth BEFORE removing the cable, to make more clear what’s important. Just my two cents after a quick read. Wish I had time to actually play with it.


The notes on the update procedure must be related to the -12v problem. Lets just hope there is a fix.