"Just Type" Beta Testers



I have recently received my TeleType and am now able to use JustType (with the excellent help from Gil, I even start to understand it :wink: )
I started out making somewhat complex auto-generative sequences, and ended up with a single chord thing:

Bass drone = Rings (slow modulation from O&C) through Polaris
Bass drum = Peaks
Trigger sequences from Varigate4+
JustType in Cm (4 notes), Just Friends (slow modulation from O&C) to Belgrad filter
High flutter = 0-Coast, randomly self-triggered, through Clouds


Hey @Galapagoose I know you’re a busy busy body right now but do you think we’ll get the ability to address two just friends from teletype in the near future?


It’s an interesting idea, but presents numerous difficulties in terms of the Teletype language & hardware identification. Which JF are you referring to with each command? Does each JF get it’s own set of commands, or does every command need an index identifier? Honestly this is in the too-hard basket for me. If someone has a clear vision of how it could be implemented, I’m all ears.


In other news, here’s a little update for JF: v3.0.5! I got passionate about the FM scaling last night and made some updates. Now the FM amount is much smaller in shape mode (it’s still a big linear shift). Additionally, the FM amount knob now has new shaping to provide much more control near 12:00.

For anyone that was describing difficulty working with JF at very slow speeds, I highly recommend updating to this firmware. Keep in mind that the FM knob will still have an effect even with no CV input due to the small offset on the jack. Depending on your hardware this could make waves speed up, or slow down and even stop in transient & sustain mode. More generally, keep the FM knob at 12:00 unless you deliberately want to shift the timing, or are inputting an FM signal.


What if teletype just see them as one big JF, as in now we can address channels 0-12 and so forth, kind of how multiple ansibles can be used in teletype mode. I have littleraly no programming chops so I can’t push too hard, but having just acquired a second JF the thought of one in geode controling another in synth mode is pretty preeeeeetty tantalizing.

Regardless thanks for all the hard work you put into these incredible little tools.

As a slightly related aside, how will multiple w/‘s be addressed by teletype?


I just did the update to v3.0.5 and I noticed something strange:

in shape/cycle, if intone is at 12, you’ll get all the output at the same rate. if I move intone CCW or CW, and return to 12, I can’t manage to get the outputs at the same rate again.

the only solution is to switch from cycle to sustain, and cycle again, with intone at 12

by the way, I first tried to update with a brand new black market modular cable, and I couldn’t get into the boot loader mode. tried again with an old mutable cable, and it worked on first try.


Is this new behavior? I’d have expected it to behave like this. When you change intone, the different outputs all cycle at different rates and thus desynchronize. When you put intone back to 12, they’ll be at different positions in their cycle. The only reasonable way to get them to sync up again (without touching the cycle time) would be to restart the cycle on change of intone, which would be a very bad idea…

I’d be very interested to hear how this was done before if this is in fact new behavior.


maybe it’s not a new behavior. maybe I just didn’t realize this yet.

your explanation make a lot of sens.


Nothing has changed in the intone zone. Sounds like your channels are out of phase even though they’re at the same rate.



I Investigated further about my randomly missing notes problem when in GEODE and i found out something quite strange:
the notes disappear ONLY when i am approaching the “sine mode” with CURVE and when RAMP is at 12 o’ clock (so pure sines) :no_mouth:

I hope it will help.


That is fascinating and bizarre! Thank you for the super specific reproduction hint!


omg! tickled that I’m not late enough to the party to have missed all the firmware updates (got my JF this month from Control), and love these changes!

Also—thank you for this module, it really is a delight.



I’m having slight problems with Just Type. When I am done Just Typing, I’d like to type jf.mode 0 and get on with normal operation. But for instance, Plume mode just sustains indefinitely. After a power cycle, with the same settings, suddenly I get pingable LPG emulations - but not before.

Any ideas what could be happening?



Sounds like a bug! I’ll log it in the tracker. Thanks for the report!


Just to add: At least for me, even when I type JF.MODE 0, Teletype still affects JF via I2C…


Which commands are you using? The only ones that shouldn’t work are JF.VOX, JF.NOTE and JF.TICK. The rest are supposed to work always.


JF.MODE just activates/deactivates Synthesis and Geode modes . It doesn’t disable I2c, or Run mode.


Okay, thanks! The part about the commands is normal, then. :slight_smile:


One more observation: when I trigger JF in Synthesis mode from TT at audio rates (not that I’d actually want to do it that much), some JF notes hang.


learning my way through this wonderful module combo, still very new to teletype. one thing I wonder though - will a version without a distorted mix out ever be offered? a lot of times I love the sound, but other times I really wish I could reliably have things be nice and gentle and clean. I’m aware about mixing the separate outputs, but that can use up a lot of utility resources, for example I would hate to devote my cold mac just to mixing the JF outputs to avoid distortion.


Teletype’s JF.VTR will let you set the velocity for the channels, why not try that and see if you can get an undistorted mix out?