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Ah yes, good call! Will try this out

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Could someone clarify if when using Just Type in synthesis a second Just Friends (or any env gen i guess) will still take gates from a sequence/or live playing and generate the Envelopes/shapes for the JF in sound/synthesis?

If so, does this still work via cables from ansible?


Well, as usual the answer is “yes and no”. The official description is very clear on how Just Type works. Indeed, one can still use the gate inputs to trigger sounds (independently from the note values Teletype is assigning, in case that’s important—it would take some thought or typing to have the gates advance the sequence), and if you’re careful with your scripting you can even determine which inputs will correspond to which notes.

As mentioned in the link, in synthesis mode you get some control over the built-in envelope shaping, but it won’t really follow an external envelope generator. You could always run each output you’ll be using through its own VCA, but given my vague understanding of your setup that seems out of the question.


No synthesis, sequenced via Ansible/grid with gate shapes through a second JF then. Arhw too bad. Future music anyway (crow)
thanks as always!


we have > teletype : code exchange and > teletype: grid # code exchange
so perhaps > teletype : just type code exchange ?


Hi all,

I made a new thread Just Type: Explorations for videos/sounds, script & patch ideas, discussion of using Just Type.

Keeping this thread open for more technical questions on how it works, reporting issues, feature requests, and more general questions about the setup.


hi! i’m wondering about any further developments on this. having received my TT recently in geode i could never reach constant triggering on subsequent JF.VOX ops besides the 1st one. putting a DEL: 5 in front of them somewhat helps but the results are not consistent. synth mode seems to not skip any notes and i only have ER-301 and JF connected, no powered bus or backpack.


I’m having a minor bug: when sending CV to the intone jack in the Synthesis modes, I’m not getting any changes to the shape of the envelopes. The panel control still works, and the intone jack responds to CV in Geode and standard JF modes.

Anyone else experiencing this?
I’m gonna try to re-flash my firmware later.