JUST TYPE studies

ready! learn how to maximize the potential friendship between Teletype and Just Friends

a glimpse of the spectacular music made in the process by @dan_derks:

now go and patch, without patch cables


Thank you so much. I’m really looking forward to going through this.


This is brilliant. Perfect timing for my just type learnings. Thanks so much for all the hard work.


this was so much fun to put together, suuuuuper looking forward to see how folks get on with it. @saintcloud’s already (!) built on one of the example scenes: https://instagram.com/p/BetN5oll07D/


Great job @dan_derks! :raised_hands:

Thanks @dan_derks!! This looks great :slight_smile:

many thanks for making this available. i feel like i’ve only cracked the surface of JT. truly looking forward to digging into this.

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Fantastic! The sixth example patch is Just Beautiful!

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Grinning with anticipation to dive into this! Many thanks @dan_derks!

Amazing! Can’t wait to get into this!!

My goodness… don’t have teletype nor JF… but this is AMAZING.

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synthesis mode sounds amazing, thanks so much for the fantastic documentation

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cant thank yall enough for this!

thanks so much for these! i was waiting for something like this before trying out Just Type. also, beautiful sounds, @dan_derks and @saintcloud.

(also also, @tehn: pull request submitted for a couple of tiny docs updates)


these are fantastic, thank you. @dan_derks

this is super inspiring, thanks for these!

oh yes! thank you to the 6 different proofreading volunteers!!


those sounds are amazing!!!

You’re welcome! It made me buy a JF, and I’m super excited to crack into those Studies myself and start experimenting and expanding. :smiley:

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Just got both of these last week. So excited to dive in deep. Stoked to see more videos using Just Type! Thank you!