JUST TYPE studies

Okay, but: where do I buy your album, @dan_derks?



he’s been killing it on instagram with the daily patches too

been wondering the same


thanks for sharing the excitement, everyone. please share any results, thoughts or notes once y’all go through!

(and thank you, @billyhologram and @glia :blush:. piecing things together, one bit at a time.)


That did it. TT is in the mail on its way to me.


these looks great-- been meaning to spend some time with JT. thanks for this!

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These are incredible. @dan_derks, you did a fantastic job on the music. I second everyone above… I am looking forward to an album release!

I’m going to sit down this week and move my Teletype, Just Friends, and a headphone module into a portable case. Distraction-free learning environment :slight_smile:

Now I’m imagining a Teletype MIDI output expander… a 2HP mini-jack expansion deal like @bpcmusic’s TXb i2c breakout. The idea of using these sequencing strategies on something like an Octatrack without the need to go through a much larger and more voice limited CV-to-MIDI module like the Hermod would be something.

P.S. This just reaffirms my prior post in a different thread that Geode is an under-appreciated slab of magic.


I like printed documentation. I opened the Markdown files, removed the videos, and generated some quick PDFs. Nothing special, but this might save you some time:

JFTT1.pdf (61.3 KB)
JFTT2.pdf (50.0 KB)
JFTT3.pdf (45.8 KB)
JFTT5.pdf (47.6 KB)
JFTT6.pdf (47.9 KB)
JFTT4.pdf (53.9 KB)


Wow these videos are incredible, Teletype never really appealed to me on its own (I program all day and I like to be as removed from it as possible when I sit down and mess around with my synth) but this integration is insane. Gotta wait and see what this new Mannequins module is but now I’m very interested in Teletype…


i agree. only in the past few days i’ve been reminded of my old walnut 128 grid and exploring what i can imagine were the initial teletype and meadow physics max patches feeding whatever synth that was coupled with. i still enjoy the recordings i have from those exploring sessions. i don’t understand what (i) was doing but seeing the arc or creative string completely entrances me. literally the only thing holding me back is a complete refusal to go down the eurorack rabbit hole again. these beyond creative instruments deserve an physical interface and powering system that is beyond the wild west toy format that is so popular.


Yeah I know what you mean, as someone basically just starting out I’ve confined myself to 104HP and I’m more or less only looking at Monome and Whimsical Raps modules because of videos like this. No other modules have managed to amaze me with the amount of functionality you can pack into a small rig as those do. The variation across these videos is an especially great example of that, the sixth video is just so inspiring and it’s only two modules.

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Just got my TT and installed into my case last night. I made it through several pages of TT studies V1 but couldn’t resist jumping over to the JT studies. That being said, I couldn’t get the same sounds or behaviors depicted in the first video and I think maybe I’m missing something obvious. I jumped back to V1 studies and couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, time to ask my dumb question: am I correct in the assumption that in the “Practical Magic” studies that

4 16 19 11
7 7 0 12
0 12 11 16
11 7 4 23
19 23 7 19

refers to the Tracker page where I should be inputting these values? And if that’s the case, why is the fence 0,0 and 4,4 - and not made to include the 5th row? It was late last night and I could be an idiot but I’m anxious to get up and running and I’m afraid there’s something fundamental I’m not grasping.

If this isn’t the place to ask questions, I totally understand - please move this elsewhere and/or I will delete.


i think this is a good space, thanks for asking!

“Practical Magic” uses JF as a filter for Mangrove’s Formant (which is actually the receipient of those Turtle-crawled patterns). JF is only receiving software triggers through Just Type and some light FM from Mangrove’s Square. JF’s Mix out goes to 3 Sis.

That section (#P) does refer to the Tracker patterns, which has a fence on the first line at 0, 0. TT’s Tracker is 0-based, so an end point of 4, 4 would take us five columns over (oops!) and five lines down. I think five columns over was intentional, for syncopation, but adjusting it to four shouldn’t affect the general result too much.

Either way, a fence that includes five rows should have Y range from 0 to 4.


See. I told you I was an idiot.

This is going to be a long, long journey for me. I actually worked out most of the patch and settings details from the video (thanks for the hi-res!) but I could not get anywhere close from a sound/timbre or sequenced approach. Round 2 this evening.

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oh, not at all! the clarity and ease of replication for the studies was my responsibility, so this one’s on me. i’ll fire it back up just to make sure, as soon as i get home. please let me know if any other examples have stumbling blocks!


NO, you did a great job. I’m just behind the times and need to catch up. I’ll play around with it more and get back with results. This might be literally the first time I’ve coded anything since I created a rather crappy HTML webpage in college.

On another note, the “#P” notation seems like a quick and easy way to populate the tracker table (if there were a “P” script).

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incredible work - not only great studies, but the sounds you are gettng make this album material. Thankyou!


Thanks so much for making these PDF files. I’ve already printed these for offline reading.


I think I’m getting mostly there but is there a reason my my metronome appears to be moving at approximately 1/8 the speed it should be?

Maybe more like 1/4.

hmm. i just recreated from scratch and got close to the demo. unsure where you are in your TT learning, but when you execute ‘M’ in live mode (just type M and hit enter), what number are you getting?

if it‘s not 120, that might be because when you’re first coding your scene, a fresh ‘I’ script always needs a manual trigger (F10) to take effect after you write it. otherwise, that ‘I’ initialization only happens when the scene first launches.

otherwise, I’d start breaking things down to parts — removing JF from the equation, is the sequencing to Mangrove working as expected?

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This is it. I just figured this out as you typed it. I saved the scene, loaded a different scene, then reloaded this one and it worked. My fault as this is in the V1 studies but somehow I guess I didn’t think it applied here. I’m going to spend more time with this. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: