JUST TYPE studies



This is it. I just figured this out as you typed it. I saved the scene, loaded a different scene, then reloaded this one and it worked. My fault as this is in the V1 studies but somehow I guess I didn’t think it applied here. I’m going to spend more time with this. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


bumping this for all the new lines members!


I’m not new but I have a new found interest in Teletype. If I wasn’t on a steep learning curve with some other modules right now, I’d be jumping in!
EDIT: + thanks fr the bump - looking forward to exploring these studies and the posted documentation


Thanks for reminding me I hadn’t gone through this yet! I’ve been having too much fun with Just Friends without TT integration since I got it a month or so back. It was also a good motivation to update the firmware on my TT, Earthsea, Ansible and JF. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could someone help me figure out how to use the PARAM knob as a fine tune for just friends?


(X larger will be finer)



This will give you fine tuning in cents.


Sweet! I was definitely over thinking it


holy crap! the Practical Magic patch is crazy!

I had better results swapping the roles of Formant and Square, and liked the sound I got in sound/sustain over shape/sustain, but WOW


:revolving_hearts: — can you plz share the results you got? super interested how these things live in the patches of others!


So, I did in fact go back to the Practical Magic patch and decided to play around with the various “triggered” modes on Just Friends to see which ones I liked the sound of. In general, formant into 6n gave a more … tenuous sound, rather than the sustained tones from square into 6n. Definitely potato, potahtoh.

Anyway, for, like, posterity, shape/sustain was like in your video, sound/sustain and sound/transient let you play around a little more with the time and intone knobs to get different results. I think I liked sound/transient better with the square to 6n. Of the triggered run modes, I think only shift and spill will work, although I didn’t try the other two. For both of them you have to have run set well negative to allow fast enough retriggering.

And then, uhh, I got carried away and recorded a little thing.

So the Teletype patch is functionally the same (including cv 2 to Sisters’ v/8), but Mangrove is getting pitch CV from my MIDI keyboard instead of cv 1 and there’s some other minor changes adding up to some aggressive, almost rave-like sounds… for 6 minutes, sorry :sweat_smile:


Going through these now and having trouble with the third study and getting a similar sequence. The voices are all just going off at the same time or very, very slightly staggered. I just want to get a rhythm like the one shown in the video. Am I missing something obvious here?


Absolutely love it!!