JUST TYPE studies



This is it. I just figured this out as you typed it. I saved the scene, loaded a different scene, then reloaded this one and it worked. My fault as this is in the V1 studies but somehow I guess I didn’t think it applied here. I’m going to spend more time with this. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


bumping this for all the new lines members!


I’m not new but I have a new found interest in Teletype. If I wasn’t on a steep learning curve with some other modules right now, I’d be jumping in!
EDIT: + thanks fr the bump - looking forward to exploring these studies and the posted documentation


Thanks for reminding me I hadn’t gone through this yet! I’ve been having too much fun with Just Friends without TT integration since I got it a month or so back. It was also a good motivation to update the firmware on my TT, Earthsea, Ansible and JF. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could someone help me figure out how to use the PARAM knob as a fine tune for just friends?


(X larger will be finer)



This will give you fine tuning in cents.


Sweet! I was definitely over thinking it


holy crap! the Practical Magic patch is crazy!

I had better results swapping the roles of Formant and Square, and liked the sound I got in sound/sustain over shape/sustain, but WOW


:revolving_hearts: — can you plz share the results you got? super interested how these things live in the patches of others!


So, I did in fact go back to the Practical Magic patch and decided to play around with the various “triggered” modes on Just Friends to see which ones I liked the sound of. In general, formant into 6n gave a more … tenuous sound, rather than the sustained tones from square into 6n. Definitely potato, potahtoh.

Anyway, for, like, posterity, shape/sustain was like in your video, sound/sustain and sound/transient let you play around a little more with the time and intone knobs to get different results. I think I liked sound/transient better with the square to 6n. Of the triggered run modes, I think only shift and spill will work, although I didn’t try the other two. For both of them you have to have run set well negative to allow fast enough retriggering.

And then, uhh, I got carried away and recorded a little thing.

So the Teletype patch is functionally the same (including cv 2 to Sisters’ v/8), but Mangrove is getting pitch CV from my MIDI keyboard instead of cv 1 and there’s some other minor changes adding up to some aggressive, almost rave-like sounds… for 6 minutes, sorry :sweat_smile:


Going through these now and having trouble with the third study and getting a similar sequence. The voices are all just going off at the same time or very, very slightly staggered. I just want to get a rhythm like the one shown in the video. Am I missing something obvious here?


Absolutely love it!!


So just got a used Teletype to use with my Just Friends and I’m having zero success getting them to talk together. I have the 6 pin cable attached, red to white on each side (and have tried other cables just in case I have a bad one). But even the most basic JF.TR 1 1 command does nothing so I’m getting no where with the studies.

I flashed the Teletype to the current release (it came with a recent beta OS and the prev owner’s work which just got in my way while learning). My Just Friends is only weeks old from the latest batch so it should have JustType support.

I’m a noob at TT but it seems to work on its own as normal as does JF. And I’m not seeing anyone else with a similar issue :frowning:

Any pointers much appreciated!


So your Teletype is on 2.2? Could you share pictures of how you connected the modules? From your description, it seems like you did everything right and it should work. I can’t think of any source of problems other than wrong software versions or a bad connection.


Here’s the connection:

And the prompt shows 8CBC031 on TT which is think is the hash for the current 2.2 code base.

Thanks so much for your help - tho it sounds like I might just be stuck. I’m thinking it’s got to be something silly I’m overlooking on my end.


Follow up. I fixed the problem by loading up the current JF version JF_v3.0.5. Since my JF was from the newest batch I would assume it would be current, but who knows, maybe not. At any rate leaving this here in case anyone else gets stuck with the same problem.


Follow up: I wasn’t crazy. There was an issue. While 3.05 fixes things it’s not the ideal as the calibration will be off. There’s a more recent version that fixes the issue the recent batch has with TT. https://www.whimsicalraps.com/pages/jf-latest-version


i feel like i’ve seen something like this posted here, but i can’t seem to find it: has anyone made a chart that maps chords with steps for use in just type?


I think @Dan_Derks referenced this for chords as well as this for scales. Super helpful reference not just for Just Type but for Teletype in general.


woah hell yeah!

i’m leaving for an off-the-grid vacation tomorrow and bringing my little system, and i’m planning on spending some quality time with JT. maybe a project for when i get back is mapping out various chords with C3 as 0 to take some of the mental math out of chord progressions.