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I have a question about Geode, I think I’m misunderstanding the relationship of JF.TICK and JF.VOX. As I understand it TICK seems to be setting the master tempo and VOX is setting a division of the clock and how many times it should repeat. Doing JF.TICK 60 and JF.VOX 1 1 -1, as expected it triggers once every second. But if I do JF.VOX 1 2 -1 it actually triggers two times a second, I would expect it being a division that it would trigger once every two seconds.


The Division sets how many times it will trigger within the period set in JF.TICK.

ie. 4 is quarter-notes, 16 is 16ths, etc


Ahhh gotcha, is there a way to specify anything under 1? I tried JF.VOX 1 DIV 1 2 -1 but that didn’t work. Also, I noticed when I had a script that was like:

JF.VOX 1 1 -1
JF.VOX 2 2 -1
JF.VOX 3 4 -1

only the first and third outputs were triggering.


Teletype uses integers only, so you can’t set any parameter or variable to a fraction/floating point.

As a work-around, you could set JF.TICK to half the BPM, so that JF.VOX 1 1 -1 was firing at the required frequency. Then double the Division of the other JF.VOX outputs accordingly.

Not sure why your 2nd output isn’t firing there.


two riffs on Just Type studies 4 and 6 from my recent vacation to the Adirondacks:

this one is based on JT study 6; chords are triggered by SQ-1 and manually.
the “guitar solo” is braids and dixie ii as a complex osc running through cold mac’s wicked crease circuit. pitch is coming from keystep.

recorded live to a tascam porta 03; it was all recorded together, i wish i could have lowered the level of the “solo” a bit. a little bit of editing reverb added in ableton – trust me, you don’t want the whole 8 minutes.

this one is based on JT study 4; notes triggered in groups by SQ-1. modulation from pam’s via cold mac.
also recorded live on the tascam, but I also played it into my audio interface through an old sony cassette dictaphone. as it turns out the dictaphone’s playback was just slightly slower than the tascam’s, so the tracks gradually get more and more out of phase.

i left the clicks of hitting the record button in the tracks (including a few times on accident while rewinding to past parts) – i feel like it puts me in the room a bit.

@Dan_Derks – huge huge shouts out for these wonderful studies

Latest tracks + videos

I just started playing with Geode, so far I love it

Can someone explain me the following (from the manual)? What does tap tempo mean in this context? Thanks!!

  • clock/bpm : 1 to 48 define how many ticks equal one measure, sent repeatedly through tap-tempo from Teletype. eg JF.TICK 4 meaning four notes per measure