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I have a question about Geode, I think I’m misunderstanding the relationship of JF.TICK and JF.VOX. As I understand it TICK seems to be setting the master tempo and VOX is setting a division of the clock and how many times it should repeat. Doing JF.TICK 60 and JF.VOX 1 1 -1, as expected it triggers once every second. But if I do JF.VOX 1 2 -1 it actually triggers two times a second, I would expect it being a division that it would trigger once every two seconds.


The Division sets how many times it will trigger within the period set in JF.TICK.

ie. 4 is quarter-notes, 16 is 16ths, etc


Ahhh gotcha, is there a way to specify anything under 1? I tried JF.VOX 1 DIV 1 2 -1 but that didn’t work. Also, I noticed when I had a script that was like:

JF.VOX 1 1 -1
JF.VOX 2 2 -1
JF.VOX 3 4 -1

only the first and third outputs were triggering.


Teletype uses integers only, so you can’t set any parameter or variable to a fraction/floating point.

As a work-around, you could set JF.TICK to half the BPM, so that JF.VOX 1 1 -1 was firing at the required frequency. Then double the Division of the other JF.VOX outputs accordingly.

Not sure why your 2nd output isn’t firing there.