a gathering of…
audio ideas for sharing, contemplating, reusing :slight_smile:
in the open source tradition, 'used by permission of the artists

Mobenthy/Ciat-Lonbarde (synthmall) thread
Shbobo Shnth patches and appreciation
Koma Elektronik Field Kit & Field Kit FX
LCRP 2017 1.0 "New Noise" OUT NOW!

more details
maybe this thread can be like a mini lcrp
no deadline, no release, just sharing,
all process

plz upload some sounds
(use the file server of your choice)
¡make it downloadable :grinning:

take down some sounds, and run them through your current system (robot)
remix, re imagine, reconfigure

put them back up!
(and make them downloadable)
and so it goes…

oh, and if you have access to a Berlin coffee house webcam, plz link it up
we’d love to join you :grinning:
peace and thank you


Sounds cool :slight_smile:

Just a little humming. Is Google Drive OK or not recommended?




so cool, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


3 layers of @bradfromraleigh’s humming at different phases and/or speeds.


flip of @jasonw22 's of @bradfromraleigh,
audacity, monolase, beatmaker2, iphone vocal, bitcrusher, dc1a2 comp :slight_smile:



Puredata! (thread)

A quick experiment late last night, inspired by comments in the Serge Recommendations thread, and particularly comments about generating sound without oscillators, sequencers, etc.

It’s nothing special; mostly ‘proof of concept,’ using what I have.

Latest tracks + videos

In response to @Larrea’s output and to the Serge recommendations thread I just did an impromptu improv with my mini serge (SSG, DUSG and VCFQ) and recorded a little of it (in fact it’s still playing by itself in the other room).



lets link up photos of what we got runnin’ :slightly_smiling_face:


plz sample/add whatever you feel :slight_smile:


Playing around with random CVs from TXo into the Loquelic Iteritas.


recorded output of a custom 2-voice Aalto patch: https://soundcloud.com/plusch/june-1-2017


’a self-portrait
practice pad, loop from @plusch bitcrushed, iphone vox


here’s an eight bar loop i made, to plz remix :grinning:

-made with novation app


maybe put some lyrics on, and call it 'done :slight_smile:

or plz re-imagine it into something that you think is cool!
whatever you feel like…