Kaivo users--looking for tips and tricks

Hi everyone. I’m new here. I just picked up Kaivo after years of waiting (what took me so long?) and am having a blast with it. I am still learning my physical modelling synthesis chops, though, so I would love it if others who have programmed percussion patches on Kaivo would share their tips and tricks.

So far the things I haven’t had success at are

–anything high pitched and metallic, for instance in the triangle/closed hat range—but only to give you a sense of pitch; also interested in pitched tings and tinkles

–a dry click, like a rimshot. I feel like I can’t get the pitch “high” enough for some of these. I still think of my percussion composition in terms of “kits” so I’m after complementarity to some of the lower and woodier sounds I’ve made.

I am not looking for realism here, but rather to build “kits” of a few complementary sounds for playing and programming.

I haven’t spent much time on the melodic side yet but a few minutes with my Linnstrument brought me instant delight. Lots of wonderful hand modulation options.