Karma~ 1.0 (sampler/looper external for Max)

Here it is. Finally…

I am incredibly proud to present karma~, a dynamically lengthed, varispeed record/playback looper external for Max.

karma~ was lovingly coded by raja, and I can’t thank him enough for taking the project on!
The linear interpolation used in the recording stage of karma~ is based on ipoke~ by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay.

You can read about it (and it’s background) here:

Or download it, along with the code here:

Or follow the github repo here:

And here’s the kooky-ass tutorial vid I made for it:


that was such a good tutorial video
I need to get a new compy and then new max so I can roll some madness with this wonderful object

Definitely one of the more amazing tutorial videos I’ve seen. Any idea if this will build for pd very easily?

OMG that tutorial video

this makes me want to get back into max

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Well done and thanks for the hard work!

thank you for sharing this, some cool ideas here, inspiring stuff!

Don’t know how easily, but it’s certainly possible. ipoke was ported to pd.

Last night I made it so I could play my karma loop mlr style by sending note on/off messages from MES in to the key jump patch. So much fun. That you so much. Tonight I think I’ll try sequencing again from MES but this time sequences record/overdub and play instead of just window jump

So much Holy Grail in this object. Beautiful work.

The tutorial vid definitely sets a new standard.

very good vid (as usual)
thank you

This looks amazing! I have really weak Max skills and puttered around for a while trying to come up with a dynamically lengthed looper, got absolutely stuck. Karma~ is going to open up so many possibilities. Thank you!

That video was such a fantastic journey. I have to put some time into integrating this and the funky bus. Each application breaks my mind with possibility. Great work everyone who touched this!

Congrats, Rodrigo and Raja! Amazing external and tutorial video. Really inspiring stuff that motivates me to hack a performance patch together with the use of Karma. Thanks for sharing and all the work you put into this.

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Fantastic work (and a great video)!

I love this. I can’t get it to work within M4L - if open a help file it works, but when I copy it into a amxd patch that I’m building, it stops working. I think that happens for the 64 or the 32/64 version (i’m on OSX). Is it my incompetence or is there a fundamental reason why it won’t work in M4L?

Whoops sorry, fixed it - when using the kitchen sink example from the help file, I needed to turn the speed up to >0

Yeah that’ll do it!

I think pasting into M4L doesn’t trigger loadbangs too.

That’s exactly what happened. Up and running now with a vavdo controller. Wonderful.

has this been worked into any monome apps yet? seems like it could be well on it’s way to being the ultimate live looper.

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