Karol Firmanty - Entropia EP


I decided to share with you my latest EP and hope you will all enjoy it:

Notes about songs:

  1. instrumentów akustycznych - in this song I used Bastl Grandpa to play and crush a little sliced piano sample. Then I connected output of Grandpa to Befaco Rampage to get a lot more noisy output, by changing time of raise and fall of envelope I could change the characteristic of sound. The first movement in song from noise to piano is done only by changing these times. Output of Rampage was connected to Mutable Instrument Clouds (which can be heard very clearly around 4:50 mark). Output from modular was then sent to Yamaha SPX90 unit which can have a very long decay times and has a rather lofi sample rate specs (31.25kHz) which I think adds a lot of character to its sounds.
  2. instrumentów perkusyjnych - this track originated from Disquiet Junto Project 0372 and was played solely on Meng-Qi Rollz-5. I added some Valhalla VintageVerb, Multiband compression from Ableton and Reaktor VHS simulator and that was it.
  3. instrumentów syntetycznych - as in the first track my “oscillator” in this piece was Bastl Grandpa with prerecorded few seconds sample with a little of Mutable Clouds mixed in. The output was recorded on Yamaha Mt-120 four track recorder and then slowed down. The reverb used in this track is Zoom MS-70CDR. The ending bassline is from other track that I was trying to record but finally decided to overwrite it on tape and it was a little longer than “instrumentów syntetycznych” so after it finished the bassline started to play and I decided that it sounds nice :smiley:

I tried and managed to record all these tracks in single take (except the accident with bassline) without overdubs (not that I have anything agains overdubs I was just curious how much I could perform live) so hopefully this shows you what can be done live in gear that I have used.

If you have any more questions about gear, music, anything else feel free to ask them. All my releases are released as pay what you want on bandcamp and please don’t feel guilty downloading it for free I am just happy that my music is being heard.

Here is a bonus photo of my dog checking if all the patching is made correclty:


downloaded!! lovely work.


Listening now. This is gorgeous…

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