KATLA revised


this year was all about finding a new place for myself. moved to a bigger city, started a new job and made quite a lot of tunes.

guess we all had time for making sounds this year. not sure what to think about it.

anyway. i started this year with this

this record is dedicated to my ex. feels weird that i got a lot of positive feedback on this one. it was a painful process and i was going through depression and health problems at that time.

this year is going to end in a few days. maybe things will change. maybe not.

this is my message to y’all. you are not alone. alls going to be fine. this world is a mess. let’s make something beautiful.

the toolset is quite basic here. kaivo — virta — aaltoverb. i’ve recreated the patches from scratch.

love y’all


thank you so much for these sounds… beautiful, even if they came from a painful place. i’ve listened to a lot of your stuff this year :pray:

could you perhaps describe a little how you use the madrona plugins, especially virta…? it’s the one i haven’t managed to gel with properly yet (although likely just needs more time/attention from me…)
are you using it to generate sound, or process other stuff (aalto/kaivo?)? any tips or tricks would be great to hear.


glad to know that you’ve enjoyed some of my tunes -thank you!

not an expert by any means. i use @randy plugins as a system. if i need sample playback / granulation i use kaivo. virta’s delay module is fantastic. i often use the number of voices as a modulation source.

i rarely use resonator. kaivo’ chorus and virta’ oscillators are amazing.


feel free to ask any questions


Thanks for sharing. I agree, less is often more…

Just found this, but I’ve had it on repeat the last couple days. With the deluge of wintery weather where I am, this has been so nice to listen to. Really loving it!

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Very nice, I got quite lost in it. No sounds jumped out at me as being from my synthesizers, which to me, means you are making expert use of them :slight_smile:

I look forward to more!



been using your plugins for many years and now im so so glad to hear from you!

thank you so much for your work. defs will share more tunes


Just listening to this one… it’s amazing. Thank you for putting something so beautiful and fragile out there.

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I really love the artwork for Katla. Can you tell me about it pls?

there’s not much i can tell. this is an artwork by my friend. i believe she was using google street view as a source. she did a few versions and then we figured out that this one works perfectly with the tunes.

you can check some of her works here


Thank you I will check it out. Such a good idea too

can’t stop using this technique so here’s one more piece

2 kaivo tracks with different noise/lfo settings playing one guitar sample into virta + aaltoverb


I love the idea of limiting your toolset and the results you’ve made are glowingly peaceful!


i really love this one nik

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@youcould , @glia thank you so much. defs will share more tunes soon

meanwhile another bc friday will start soon

even tho I don’t have anything new to offer I would like to remind y’all that any support is appreciated


hello all

there are few new sketches available on bc / as always any support and feedback are highly appreciated

love y’all


hello all. i need help. if you want to support me please buy anything from my bandcamp. all of my releases are free/pwyw now.

sending lots of love to you all and hoping that this nightmare will end.

ps/ this is a compilation we’ve made with my friends. all proceeds will be sent to humanitarian funds helping those in need.

please spread the information and support people of Ukraine. this is not our war!

pps/ here’s another bc profile. everything will stay free/pwyw

ANY support is appreciated

ppps/ huge thanks to those of you who supported. im halfway through to get the required amount of money. love you all x


Thank you for sharing these. Best wishes.

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hello all. it’s bandcamp friday and paypal is still working. i don’t know if there will be any music from me in the near future. tbh im not even sure if its okay to share anything and it feels way too weird

this one was made years ago using ml virta and was edited in max.

the track is free/pwyw. any support is appreciated / im still trying to get cash to help my family

love you all.