Kenton Killamix Mini non-click mod - which encoders?

Hey there!

I’ve had a first edition Kenton Killamix Mini for a few years, and recently I had some success with soldering stuff, so I was wondering if I could replace the push-button encoders with ones similar to the non-clicking encoders that made their way into the latest version.

Does anyone here have one of the latest version of the controller and could kindly provide some reference shots or part numbers? Or knows which type of encoder could be suited for my mod? They might be small 9mm push-button encoders… I have no idea how much they could cost or where/what to look for, so even a link to a reliable electronic parts supplier online catalog would be much appreciated.



Wondering if you ever found a good way to mod the Kenton. Love mine but the clicking during quiet performances (and the CC jumps) can be distracting.

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Hey there! No unfortunately I haven’t tackled this yet, but your message reminded me of this… I’ll try disassemble it soon and see if I can get any part number, after that it should be a pretty simple but tedious process of replacing each encoder :slightly_smiling_face:

Also interested in this :smiley:

So I just disassembled the unit and here’s what I found. I haven’t desoldered the encoders yet, but:

  1. the encoders shafts are D-type, 20mm long and have 30 clicks per rotation
  2. checking with a multimeter there are 15 positions without continuity between pins, so most likely mechanical rather than optical and 15 ppm
  3. there is a single marking on the top of the enclosure that reads “741”

The closest low profile encoder with no detents I could find on mouser was the Bourns PEC11L-4020F-S0015 - Mouser US - Mouser EU

It has a threaded base however. I’ll try to find one to test on eBay before committing to the whole board :sweat_smile:

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