Keybo (new arc x grid application)

keybo (ancient name for a golf course) is a place where people play together.

a new grid application for MAX 7. super•simple intuitive midi keyboard/sampler. two buttons in the lower left and right hand corners enabling you to shift up and down octaves. check out this quick video on how to utilize:

out just in time for holiday-afternoon music makin’. download here:


  1. select ur grid !
  2. connect ur midi ins & outs !
  3. open a vst keyboard/synth/drump pad/etc. !
  4. get to music makin’ fool !

• the lit keys are playable pads
• the bottom leftmost & rightmost
buttons are octaves down & up respectively

this is a primitive of the mothership app: a perfected version in celebration of it’s four year anniversary. hoping to integrate this w ableton further over the summer, stay tuned & enjoy.


new arc-edition on the way very soon,
peep the demo video here:


UPDATE 6/08/16

uploaded the Arc x Monome edition, available below:

still looking to build this out even further, adding ableton live commands to the unused buttons and (eventually) implementing a reliable MLR into the rows above the illuminated keypad.

can someone out there give this a spin ? i have gotten zero feedback other than people ‘liking’ the post & want to make sure that this runs on other peoples’ systems before i invest more hours into it !

thanks + love,