Basic MIDI keyboard for Grid and Max with octave shift, velocity adjustment, pitch bend, and 4 MIDI ctrl.

This is a quick and dirty patch to use a Grid as a basic MIDI keyboard. I bought a Grid in part to get away from MIDI and piano-style keyboards, but now find myself out of country in quarantine without a keyboard. I wrote this for my own use but thought it might be helpful for others :slight_smile: I may try to add Crow support in the future but for now it’s just MIDI.

I just noticed while posting this that @tyleretters has his own take here for a Grid keyboard as well that you might prefer.


Grid (128 varibright)



v1.0.0 - Keys.maxpat (126.8 KB)


Woahhh, really nice work on this thing!! I love the addition of Midi CC controls. This is your first patch for grid?

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Thanks! It’s the first Grid patch that I’ve posted. I also posted Pear for Arc.
For Grid the main thing I’ve used is a patch/instrument I wrote to help with writing natural harmonics for strings where each row is moves up the first 16 partials of an open string. It’s not super stable or cleaned up though so I’ve never posted it.