Kilchhofer Anklin - Moto Perpetuo

my new release with the drummer michael anklin is out soon on marionette.

preorder through bandcamp
directly from honest jon’s


i just posted about this in the “what are you listening to” thread!

its a tremendous record. congrats on the release :slight_smile:

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I’ve enjoyed your previous work and soundcloud experiments, so I’m looking forward to checking this out.

Can you talk about the process of creating this album and the collaboration?



it was quite a challenge this record, it’s basically modular interfaced with drums/percussion, mainly a buk drum. by interfaced i mean that triggers, envelope followers and live mics from the percussion all coming into the modular. each patch was an experiment and it took a long time to find a balance of chaos and control. the drummer then reacted to the modular and i decided what influences what on the modular side. each track was a completely new setup and configuration, sometimes it was a small setup, on some tracks a way bigger one. there was no straight clock anywhere in a patch, sometimes the drummer was the clock, sometimes he just had access to some weird reset points. feedback patching played a big role on some tracks. on others it was “just” jaming. on all the tracks we multitracked the percussion parts and some polysynths.


would be super into seeing a sample patch or modulargrid of your setup(s) on this record if you felt like sharing.

i anticipate listening to this album a lot - it’s lovely

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Listening to it right now and really liking it. The open ended way of tackling each track gave really good results. Hope it was as interesting for you to record/produce as it is for us to listen to!

thanks, i see if i have a modulargrid screenshot for the relevant modules.
meanwhile self titled mag just published a list of music and customs from switzerland very dear to my heart and important for my own art:


Favourite track Unstet.

haha, ja that’s one of those patches the drummer controlled almost completely :slight_smile: lots of contact mics in this one, and metasonix bass.
this is the rack from the recording session (as far as i can remember):

soundplane with aalto for polyphonic synths, h9 as external effect.


There’s much to love about this, really immersed. Amazing job and Thank you for sharing.

Also would be very interested to see some footage if you recorded any.

Excellent album. I listened to it twice this morning!

I visited Switzerland last year, mainly the Berner Oberland region and around Lake Geneva. Such an enchanting and beautiful country!

Really nice work! Pre-ordered the album and can’t wait to give it a complete listen. Love the hybrid techniques… it really brings the human feeling of drumming into another world.

Stoked to get the LP! Ali played me the test pressing a while back and it sounded awesome! Can’t wait to really soak it all in. Still play The Book Room a lot too.

thank you all!
@Ravel no video sorry
@kburwash ah great, you know ali! he does a great job with marionette!

Ya, he moved to town last year. He’s running a swell label and developing a good reputation.

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gorgeous work again, can’t get enough! tickles my brain and ears not unlike burnt friedman/jaki liebezeit, inspiring process and execution.


new Kilchhofer!
(takes day off)


thanks, this release is more loosely structured than my solo work and the rhythms more freeform and fluid. the collaborative aspect was challenging in a good way for me and now i’m very happy that this result exists.


we had two great release days at plattfon records in basel and at oor records in zürich, both amazing record stores with an incredible selection of interesting music. especially at oor one could go through records for hours and hours!!

sorry for the quality, i’m not a video person:(

support your local record shops when buying vinyl, tapes or even cd’s. these shops aren’t just music vendors, they put all their heart into these places and make a city so much more interesting. to be physically surrounded by great music and beautiful cover designs and to get recommendations and tipps at the spot can’t be compared to any online experience. i am lucky, i always had good record stores around me but there’s a simple solution if your local store doesn’t have the records you want, just go there and ask them to order your favorite music :slight_smile: