Kitspace open source hardware

Thingiverse for electronics


Hey folks, I am the creator of Kitspace and a while back I noticed a little blip in my analytics coming from @jasonw22 linking the site. Since then I have spent a bit of time here reading and understanding what this community is about and am still a little confused but also excited.

My own ideas in electronic music are also deeply rooted in a monome/grid fascination. One of the projects on Kitspace was me actually trying to make a cheaper grid controller without mechanical buttons. The NoMech:

While we have the hardware for that, nobody has ever gotten around the finishing the firmware for it so it’s stagnated a bit unfortunately (I’ll send hardware to any volunteers!). Personally I got too busy and bought a Launchpad when the second-hand ones were cheap enough. I never used it with Ableton but always wrote my own stuff for it like this step-sequencer:

I got a bit off-topic here but I think there is a lot of potential for using Kitspace in the DIY music gear space and am dying to hear people’s thoughts on how it could be used and improved. There are a lot of simpler oscillators and things that are being replicated through Kitspace. Quite a few of these came from a recent hack weekend in Zurich:


This looks awesome. Will be looking into it more closely when I find some time. I am personally a big fan of touch interfaces but haven’t gotten around to developing usable hardware. Maybe I can contribute something to the software side of things.

Nice one @louwrens, if you want to read up on it, check out this forum post discussing the development. That whole interaction, having fun collaborating on open source hardware online, really inspired me to start thinking about the problems that eventually led to making Kitspace.