Klangbau Köln

Does anyone know how to contact Klangbau Koln? There’s no information on his website.

mail: sauterw@web.de

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Yes, this is how I contacted him and ordered directly.

I just checked the website out of curiosity. If you click the “contact” link it brings up a web form and below this it shows his email address to contact him directly.

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It took me some time to get it:
If you hover your mouse over a menu item, the next menu item will appear and so on.

Well, Willi is a cool guy anyways …

Speaking of Klangbau, I also contacted Willi a few days ago in order to obtain the price list of the modules. I want to buy a « Twin Peak » filter but having the choice between three different versions doesn’t help making a decision :slight_smile: Three versions (in the 3u format), I mean Twin Peak, Twin Peak Resonator and Epoch Twin Peak mk2. Do you think the Epoch version which has two audio inputs has a real benefit over the Klangbau version ?

Ps: I also need to check if the Klangbau version fits in my Intellijel case…

There’s a sonic difference between klangbau and epoch. I prefer klangbau. I think even the mkii of the epoch version has a slightly lower output. User bjlogic (i think) has done great comparisons on the two on youtube.

I have a intellijel 7u and it fits my case. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I think I saw this video, there was indeed a difference of output volume. If it fits in an Intellijel case that’s good news because that’s the kind of module I want to have in my main case. Is it the joystick version or the resonator that you own ?

I have the resonator. The ability to closely tune the cutoffs for playing the pings with 1v/oct appealed to me, and I think it’s been a good decision. I think there’s some other small benefits to the resonator, too.

For me, one killer thing is the fact that there’s knobs for modulating the cutoffs with the input signal - sounds absolutely great when you dial a bit of that in with both peaks.


Ah great :+1: As a matter of fact, I don’t remember where it was but I think I heard a demo of this module that immediately reminded the sound of Jan Jelinek or Pole and at that time I thought: “I gotta have it” Well, I think I’m gonna contact Willy again and place an order for the resonator Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:

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It’s a great choice I think - filters are a matter of taste but that’s the best I know :slight_smile:

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I have the resonator version and it fits in my Elite Modular case. I believe the joystick filter version won’t fit, just so you know.

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Thanks. I didn’t notice before but the website says both Twin Peak have been updated to 55mm depth, however the price list says 60mm , we’ll see :wink:

with the tracking ability the module really is a joy to ping and it is especially wonderful if the incoming trigger varies in volume. the filter reacts so natural, sounds full and has all the slight variations and imperfections which gives it a real character, not just a plastic digital physical modelling code…


Really nice demo!

Oh yes, that’s what I’m looking for :wink:

There is a price list - where can one find it? Contacting him for prices and asking questions would bring me to near to buying one, which would not be wise at the moment. Although I tend to end on his site again and again for ages. A price list might be a more reasonable and careful approach…

It’s not available on his website, I had to use the contact form and received a PDF not long after :wink:

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I wasn’t aware if he’s reduced the depth of the joystick version. Still, I’d go for the resonator. It’s unbeatable.

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Are the results as good in the low frequencies as these higher pings/percussions ? I mean can you also generate sub basses with Twin Peak ?

These are the best two videos that I know of that showcase both Klangbau filters as well as the Epoch version. I’ve only ever tried the one I own, the Klangbau Resonator. I chose it based on videos and descriptions/recommendations from people like Brandon that have tried all three. I think it’s awesome.


Thanks for posting :wink: yes it sounds awesome !