Knobs w. rotary encoders / buttons / touch sensitive pads

Anyone got any experience with knobs with rotary encoders which is also pressure sensitive buttons? I don’t think you can buy this anywhere so im looking for a way to maybe put pressure sensitive pads under the knobbuttons… Any thoughts?


There are definitely knobs with buttons underneath - I’m thinking of Playstation 4 and other gaming controllers where the main joysticks (ok, not perhaps technically a knob!) can be clicked.

But pressure sensitive buttons underneath are not something I’m aware of. I’m sure it could be hacked together with an FSR (example: if you have the desire and skills to get your hands dirty.

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That is what im looking for. Just wondering if anyone got any experience putting them together? How to actually do it

I’ve never tried it, but theoretically you could have an appropriately-sized FSR that’s placed on the PCB under the body of the potentiometer.

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I don’t think there are really all that many gotchas here. I recommend putting it together on a breadboard first, and just playing around.

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