Koma Elektronik Field Kit & Field Kit FX

Continuing the discussion from Minimal mixers:

Some people might be interested to hear that the Kickstarter campaign for the Field Kit is now up.
Looks quite intriguing and the price is right.
More details over here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/komaelektronik/field-kit-electroacoustic-workstation?ref=user_menu


this looks really neat!

Pledged. Looks really interesting and geared towards exploration.

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Backed! This is going to be a lot of fun. :smiley:

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rarely been so quick on the draw for kickstarters.

backed… so many possibilities, goes with a lot of other things Im playing with at the moment.

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For real.

I’ve never backed anything at all. Just did…within about 15 minutes.

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Seems fun. Backed it.

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I am all over this; saw it at Machines in Music, was hooked immediately. I’m tempted to get the Eurofied version but it just seems to call out to stand on its own. Anybody’s thoughts on this?

I like this, but imo needs an onboard resonant filter to play with the envelope follower

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Yeah the lack of resonant filter is a little bit of a bummer but I think there are still enough things in there to make it fun.

Definitely prefer this as a standalone.

Tempting and I’m intrigued by the CV but you can get started with contact mics and EMF for very little cost.

And I’m weighing up whether I should commit to not buying new musical gear next year.

Y’all probably got the email already, but it’s now fully funded.

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Now I just need to pick up a Lom elektrosulch by march

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It’s now at 3x its initial financial goal. I’m hopeful for various stretch goals in the next 28 days.

Er, maybe an FX send to go along with the aux. (I’ve got a one-track mind.)


Yowza. By the time I hit send on these 20+ characters, it will be 8x.

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Same thoughts as you. Except the DC option, there is nothing new on that panel that is not already in my case. The idea to leave it opened and easy to convert it to Eurorack is a nice addition and will for sure avoid the same conversation as for the 0-Coast. It is certainly cheaper, smaller and more focussed toward electro acoustic than my current Euro setup, but again it looks redundant inside it. I think it will be more useful by itself. For sure, I’ll order the Euro panel to avoid any regrets, but it’s more likely that it will stay by itself. :slight_smile:

Hey Icsp.
I have backed the field kit - to use it standalone.
If you only need DC as a addition to your System you can go for one of the bastl modules for motors, servos and solenoids.
As well i am about to release a controller called Automat. The Automat will go as a kit including everything to make crazy setups for electroacoustic stuff. We have worked on the product for more than 3 years and used it for various installations and hundreds of shows at theater and on the road.
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Cheers. Johannes


Just contributed to it myself. I’m really excited to build and start messing with this thing. This KickStart blew up so fast.