Koma Elektronik Field Kit & Field Kit FX

This might be super basic, but does anyone know if unity gain from the Field Kit is with the fader at max, Master at 12 o’clock?

I’m fairly sure Koma even recommend trying internal feedback in the manual: have a look yourself (PDFs are on their site), but I think you can feel free to go for it with feedback patching :+1:

I recently patched my way through the FX manual and they definitely do recommend experimenting (responsibly!) with feedback.

Would I need a preamp for dynamic microphones in the field kit?

I searched the forum for anything about the Field Kits and this is what came up, from all the way back in 2016. I hope this is proper etiquette resurrecting this. I was just curious as to what different uses anyone was getting out their FKFX or OG Field Kit or like me, both of them together. I think these devices are incredible. Just hooked up my OP-1 to mine and am running that into Polyend Tracker. Lots of interesting samples coming out.

This was just a quick, basic run through to get signals and midi sync going. Now for some more experimental stuff…


Very nice. I have an FX on the way to use as a mixers for my fates and some volcas while passing time at an in laws reunions in the mountains of eastern Oregon. Any tricks or tips appreciated.

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It’s fun to get a sound really feeding back in the delay and control delay time with the built in cv sequencer. You can get melodic with it.


I have both. I think I use the FX much more than the original, but tend to use both together on their own. I play around with them a lot, usually makes for a fun exercise in limitations, but I’ve only ever released one recording with them. This track uses the FX, an EQ pedal and the spring reverb to replicate the signal path of Gard Osen’s fjærlett with the internal looper/crusher:

I really like the addition of the looper, not deep but very useful in the moment.


Does anyone have trouble with the LFO leaking into the radio? I contacted Koma, but they said that is was normal…

for me it noticeably leaks in AM, in shortwave only when there is no reception, and isn’t noticeable in FM whether or not i have good reception.

what do folks who enjoy the analog sensor section expand to? anything dedicated that can manage multiple analog sensors with the same inputs as the analog sensor section?

from the very nice thread Autobiometric musical interface? these are the eurorack modules that have been mentioned: Bastl Sense, Instruo Scion, ADDAC 300 series, Eowave Sensor-to-CV and Sensor Signal processor. the Bastl Sense is the only one using the standard ardiuno connection like the field kit does. pricewise it’s about the same as the field kit for one sensor input.

I’ll stay tuned to see what answers you receive. Always had interest in the original field kit but other than plonking stuff with a solenoid, I’m not sure what I’d do with it.

The field kit always reminds me of this particular creator. Plenty of nice videos on their YouTube: RESONANCES - YouTube

Has anyone tried using the MyVolts Ripcord with the Field Kit? https://myvolts.com/Ripcord

What would the configuration needed be?


Hello! I have one and it works perfectly. You’ll need the 9V DC center negative. As you’d expect, the field kit is really fun in the field…


That’s excellent news! The official Koma option appears to be sold-out everywhere.

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As you and @ringsandrocks I fried my FieldKitFx for using the wrong power adapter… did you know whats the part number to change? Thanks!

Glad to know I’m not the only one who did this. I sent it to koma and they repaired it. Took a bit of time… I don’t remember what it cost.

thanks! good to know not being alone… Mine is large out of warranty, and I can´t sent it to koma, I`m looking for a DIY solution

I ended up ordering a eurorack faceplate and using it in my system instead, which I actually find more convenient. However Koma send me instructions on how to repair the unit, the ics are:

+12V IC: Texas Instruments LM27313XMF/NOPB
-­12V IC: Texas Instruments TPS54332DDAR
+5V IC: STMicroelectronics LD1117S50TR
+3.3V IC: Texas Instruments TPS62125DSGR

DM me if you’d like a copy of the instructions they gave me, I’m sure they won’t mind me sharing!


Thanks!! I`m not in eurorack land so going that route is not an option for me. Would great having the full instructions if you can send them to me! :pray: :heart_eyes:

Recently I’ve been feeling really inspired by the Koma Field Kit series. With the Field Kit and the Field Kit FX, I’m able to use my environment as an instrument which encourages me to explore recording in different locations. In this video, I do some sonic explorations with the machines on my balcony.