Koma Elektronik Field Kit & Field Kit FX


Makes me wonder if these ppl were so smart to put the name of a famous person in to get their kickstarter earlier? :japanese_ogre:


Hmm… I disagree. I never regret recording things that catch my ear, no matter how predictable.

Doesn’t mean you’ll use, keep or release it. It does mean that it could spark or inspire a completely non-cheesy, unpredictable sound to accompany it.

Maybe it’s just me, though. Spent too much time being shy with my own record button.


ditto. Spent 15 years without recording anything. Then last year a friend asked me what I did with my modular. So I started recording little demos for him, and (that escalated quickly)


true, but I think there’s a distinction to be made between finishing tracks/composiitons and just recording.
I record loads of things when I have a new piece of kit, to spark ideas as you say. I just wouldn’t consider them finished ‘tracks’ or things that I would release/distribute. and there’s of course a big difference between deciding to set yourself a timeline and being shy about recording.

( I’d also mention it was just autechre talking about the way they worked, quoting it from me with just the ‘you should’ makes it sound like it’s me suggesting this is what people should do! I’m not telling anyone to do anything :slight_smile: just describing how I work)


Over the weekend I built the DIY version of the field kit. It was definitely a tougher build for me than the DIY monome grid – but overall it was straight forward and only took a couple of hours.
It all works and its pretty fun! – I forgot how useful a nice little mixer is with an assignable output group!


yes, plz :slightly_smiling_face:
drop some early experimentations and
sonic musings on us
at the coffee klatch!
the field kit looks cool


Mine’s out for delivery today! Granted I have a metric h*ckton of finals right now, so I won’t be recording anything… but still exciting!


Followup: it got damaged in the mail. Looks to be mostly cosmetic, but one screw is loose inside. I’ll have to take it apart after finals.

It sounds amazing, though. I did some no-input feedback things today. Patching the LFO into an input can be great fun at low frequencies for pumping feedback.

Also, if you don’t mind a mono output, I actually prefer using the Aux submix as my output. I use the Master as the feedback output that gets multed into inputs via a red stackable or two. This lets me set a level with the gain knob, then use the faders to more easily adjust feedback levels. I’m quite literally ignorant when it comes to best practices with no-input patching of mixing hardware but it’s not blown up or anything! I need to try buffering that signal at some point to really get gnarly…

The radio is great fun, especially with an LFO patched to Scan. Overall I just think the thing is great for fiddling around when you’re too frazzled (read: early May at university) to really pour yourself into an instrument. Can’t wait to get it gelled into my full studio project this summer!!


If you’re up for it, please post some of the no-input recording. Thanks.


I had it hooked up to my OP-1 all day yesterday. Just dumped the tape and I actually didnt end up recording any no-input! I’ll post some feedback+radio stuff at some point before I get to record again, but for the time being I’ll just say it’s going to take some practice.

It’s gain settings are a lil touchy and I havent found many good sweetspots so my feedback experiments are very screech-y right now.


I look forward to it.


Looks like I won’t have time to do a proper recording, so here’s a few layered drones recording off the Field Kit. It’s got the COW effect over most of it, but the Field Kit is what made this little idea work.

You’ll hear bursts of static and radio. These were recording with the LFO scanning the FM tuner with two channels of feedback (one EQ’d high, the other low) that I was manually adding and subtracting.

The main element is frozen reverb of some harmony vocals from my Music Recording class this semester. I used the same feedback setup mentioned above, but added a fourth channel. This fourth channel held the LFO set to the middle waveform at a low frequency. This generates really amazing pumping with a low frequency transient.

Once my finals are done I’ll show you what I did with these recordings. It’s a little house beat using that low frequency transient layered with a kickdrum.

More to come as my projects and tests melt away :slight_smile:

the video


I was in bed when I did this so didn’t bother with recording, but it was a lot of fun:

LFO set to square, low, knob to the left -> search with switch to FM and search knob at 12:00 (happens to correspond to a groovy local mexican radio station)
Radio out -> Input 1, Aux 1 button on, gain set to slightly crunchy
Aux out -> envelope follower in
Envelope out -> DC CV in
DC out -> motor
electromagnetic pickup -> input 3

hold the pickup against the motor. move it around. try the curved side of the motor. move the faders for the radio and the pickup. You’re going to end up with an organic drum beat (from the pickup), loosely based on the LFO speed. DC set to “pulse” will give you nice strong kick. DC set to “pwm” will give you subtler pulses. There’s a kind of side-chain effect to the music from the FM station happening.

Instant industrial remix of whatever you tuned to on the radio.

EDIT: I thought I was going to mount this thing in my eurorack case, but the case it came in is so beautiful, I’ve decided to leave it standalone.


I met with Christian from KOMA Elektronik and he takes on the Swedish Design Challenge at Superbooth.

First a brief background about the Field Kit and a run through of its most prominent features. Then a live-patching-challenge making musique concrète with: A toy train, Swedish matches and a bag of IKEA tools.


Nice. That sounds pretty great.


Some op1 over some noisy loops from the field kit. The contact mic goes through the isms reverb.
Nothing fancy…its fun to tap on the case tho. :umbrella:


I’m curious if you or anyone else in 110V mains land received their standalone with a Euro style AC wall wart, ring positive tip negative, and no adapter.


No. :frowning: I bet they’ll fix it for you.


Yeah, sent them an email through Kickstarter.

I wasn’t totally sure if this was just procedure. I’ve never Kickstarted anything, but didn’t recall seeing any note about it being on us to sort out the power; I wanted to double check.

It would have been okay if it was tip positive sleeve neg, but I couldn’t even power it with my battery. I don’t have any of those style PSUs lying around.

Frustrating, to say the least. And they’re in Germany.