Koma Elektronik Field Kit & Field Kit FX


Sounds like they’re going to release a power solution for portability. Announcement today?


ooh that would be cool… I hope they perhaps go beyond just power though.

I do actually have a USB power pack and 9v DC adapter that would work except id need to add a DC polarity switcher to give me centre -ve … but I’m not really keen on having a converter around, in case I accidentally, reverse the polarity on one of my other devices! … perhaps I should super glue it to the FK, then throw away the -ve centre psu from Koma!

(why oh, why do we have -ve centre supplies… are manufactures trying to make us kill devices? )


Not sure if they have announced anything yet but check pic #3 in this post on their IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BaPbeqOn9GV/


An announcement (of sorts):


Wouldn’t this be something like this? Or am I missing something?


Definitely similar. The Koma device has LEDs showing the load.


Looks to me like the main difference is two output channels to one power input vs. only one output that this adapter has.


Mobile power Strom in January 2018


I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have some modular or at least CV-controllable synth gear. I use it in conjunction with my modest eurorack synth setup, and that way I get some pretty cool things out of it. Though I will admit this is usually in the form of samples that I then edit and use in my DAW. Things I’ve used it for so far:

-sequencing the speed of the dc motor to different pitches and then holding it against different contact mic’ed surfaces (for a somewhat more interesting kind-of-sine wave)
-sequencing the dc motor, with a bit of tape stuck on the axis, to strum a guitar string/kalimba/… really fast at some points in my sequence
-scanning through radio frequencies with with an LFO and gating the output rhythmically (for something not unlike the intro to Bloc Party’s “Hunting For Witches”)
-complement my (virtual) drum machines with hits of a real cymbal using the solenoid
-the envelope follower, which is a great addition to any modular system
-feedback drones with the speaker and a contact mic
-making various “boing” sounds by hitting a suspended spring with the solenoid and contact mic’ing the end points of the spring (or just hitting it with your hand or a pen or whatever)

One thing I would suggest if you buy this is to buy a couple rolls of masking tape and some really big paper clamps to hold things in place, and an assortment of springs, as the expansion kit doesn’t really include that many usable springs.


Yes, I got one. I really dig it and have found use for it in different ways, even if I don’t own or use a modular system. The kit is a versatile piece of equipment, for sure!

Besides using and playing around with the tools in the expansion pack, I’ve found some creative uses through micing up different resonant objects/mechanical devices and interfacing with them in different ways.

Lately I’ve scored some old dictaphones (the ones with micro cassettes) and used with really crappy microphones which I connect and let the field kit as a hub/mixer for routing and sending signals to different effect chains and audio in:s, as well as the possibility to add an lfo or radio static to the mix if I get the urge! :smile:


Hey all! I’ve been trying to use my Koma Field Kit to power tape players, specifically by using its LFO and filter as a control voltage for the DC interface’s driver so the tape player stops and starts rhythmically. This works fine until I insert a cable into the tape player’s output – the deck stays powered on consistently, negating the LFO’s effect. Anyone know why this might be happening or how I might be able to remedy it? Right now I’m simply recording the audio from the tape player’s speaker and transferring it onto linear tape.


Had the same problem, and I intended to investigate, but then other things got in the way. My guess is that since current will always take the fastest and shortest route, it’s probably just that the audio connection has a quicker ground path than the one going through the motor so the current is somehow “redirected”? Just my guess though.


Oh good idea this makes me wanna try driving tape players with my @dadamachines automat!


Didn’t see a thread about it so I thought I would start one. I’ve got one coming and I’m wondering who else has one and how they’ve been using theirs? I plan on putting together a small case with some complementary modules and I’m wondering what to put in it!


I’ve got one and like it pretty well.

Complimentary modules might include attenuators for CV, and a Bastl Dynamo or Mini Slew or a dedicated compressor or limiter, to keep feedback loops under control. Or maybe a Maths so you’ve got another LFO or can slew the FKFX’s sequencer as well.


I got one from the kickstarter… haven’t really used it too much and was kind of underwhelmed by it’s capabilities. Definitely a cool little thing to have around though, it’s great to have so many features in such a small package, it’s just not that amazing at any of them. That said, the frequency shifter was sort of a revelation for me having never used one before. I’d love that to be more fully featured and ditch one of the other functions.
The CV routing system is awesome and really intuitive, I think they nailed that bar having to manually patch the roll o decks out into a cv in.


There’s a fair bit of discussion about it in the bottom third of the thread about the original Field Kit.


Hadn’t thought of a compressor, that’s a good suggestion. Maths would be handy but wouldn’t fit in the 54 HP case I have in mind. Right now I’m mostly thinking of a filter for the feedback loop, some lfos as modulation sources, and perhaps a pico dsp to expand the palette of effects…