Koma Elektronik Field Kit & Field Kit FX

I wonder about the economies of scale with this sort of thing. It costs X amount per unit to make the initial goal’s worth, but what percentage of X does it cost to make the 6.5-times goal they’re at now, let alone the, who knows, 20-times they may be at by the end of the month? Then again, I imagine QA gets complicated the more you make, as you end up making more than you can assemble through, say, your own efforts, or through vendors with whom you have experience. I guess much of this ends up as profit (a profit they’ve earned, certainly), and I do wonder what becomes an additional part of the planned product, which I suppose is what stretch goals are all about, not so much additional product offerings but additions to the core item itself.


Some Kickstarter projects have imploded from their “success”. I have no reason to believe this will happen to Koma, but it has happened before.

I don’t see any problems there. They are experienced with manufacturing and shipping products. I can see them doing one thing. Put the products out in the wild in batches. So first backer comes first… always do a certain amount of units to keep quality standards.
But today getting assembled pcbs is pretty much the easiest part of a project. If you already have the right partners and product development is done this part scales pretty good. Thanks to pick and place machines and wave soldering they will get finished boards, put them in the cases and ship them out.
https://youtu.be/UeYQfAf0B68?t=74 > just to see how a pick and place works… these machines can do 120.000 components per hour! :wink:


Yeah, I have the utmost confidence they’ll make it happen. It’s not quite something I’m in the immediate market for, but I’m going to keep an eye on it over the next 27 days.

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I am opinionated - can’t give you advice to go for digital sound creation instead of electromechanical :wink:
For me it is a lot of fun. But still working in my own direction. Targeting other use cases and workflows than the KOMA guys. In the end i think it should be about creating better ways for artists to express their ideas. As well working with open standards to allow interoperability.

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Many Kickstarter projects, especially those using the platform more for promotion than fundraising, set their target well below what they expect to sell raise. That serves to hype the project more as it subsequently exceeds these goals. The reps at Kickstarter actually encourage / suggest doing this.

I doubt Koma needed to do this for fundraising purposes, they have a successful line of products and run a physical store. It’s likely more of a way to promote and gauge interest in the product.


Yeah, I’ve wondered a little about this. I think I even mentioned it a few days ago.

[Waaayyyy off topic, but since I maybe have your attention: do you know if you’re shipping more 7U cases to Perfect Circuit? Also, please, please, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, send some uVCA IIs! And those new joiners! And…and…the new 1U modules…and…and ALL THE THINGS!!!1!!eleven]

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We just restocked on 7U cases this week, and we sent them a few from the start of the batch, with a bunch more heading down there very soon as well :slight_smile: They’ll probably get VCAs too if they ordered them…

Anyway, back on topic… I know this stuff about Kickstarter because I’ve talked to their reps before and that’s what they suggested doing :slight_smile:

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This is the second time I’m reading from someone who’s opinion I value that they are missing a resonant filter in this setup.
Could you please elaborate why, and how you would use one here?
Also, any specific recommendations for a resonant filter?

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simply because it really love a good resonant filter for processing acoustic elements captured by piezo/contact mics. using the filter to help zero in on specific characteristics of the sound.
a good EQ can work too. i guess we will have to see how extreme the tone knob on the mixer section is.


Thanks, Marcus. Makes sense. Any recommendations for a resonant filter in eurorack format?

I’m not Marcus, but our resident Mannequins Three Sisters is a stellar filter. Profoundly flexible, profoundly beautiful sounding.


i LOVE three sisters. Great non-traditional filter. Three filters at once with two different filter types.
The Pittsburgh filter is more traditional and a great bargain.


can´t wait to try one of these!
needed a little and compact device to bring life to my acoustic laptop/boxes :slight_smile:

Wow. They’ve raised over 7x their goal with 27 days still left. crazy.

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seems like they’ve hit a spot that needed to be filled with that device.
(i backed it up too when the link was posted (thanks for doing that so early), triggered by … the radio receiver. Will sit nice with some (RPi controlled) miniature FM transmitters)

It’s interesting to see what is and isn’t funded. This link below shows the “sound” category (distinct from the “music” category) on Kickstarter, sorted in reverse chronological order. That Ants “semi-modular” is getting close, with plenty of time to go, though none of the over-the-top momentum that the Field Kit has received, though its goal was roughly the same. (Clearly the Field Kit is beyond the ordinary, and KOMA has a great track record.) There was another semi-modular in there, but it isn’t on the list anymore, I think because it received its full funding and the funding cycle has concluded.


I hope Santa will be bringing me one of these.

AE Modular ? finish a few hours ago, and was 2.5x overfunded :slight_smile:
its a great time for synths, with smaller manufactures getting a look in…
(not so good for my wallet though!)

The radio is what really sold me on this too.

I’m having daydreams of radio feedback loops.

I wonder what the bandwidths are for the FM and SW bands. Likely there’s no overlap with amateur bands here, but it sure would be cool to be able to get in to some simultaneous broadcast/receive business with this.

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