Koma Elektronik Field Kit & Field Kit FX


I still haven’t received any shipping notification. :frowning:


same here, waiting for mine still :confused:


I know they had some shipping notifications not go out. Did you get in on the March delivery batch or the May one? I think they’re trying to ship about 100 a week


I don’t know whats up with the shipping notifications, I didn’t receive it until a few days after mine arrived.


Hainbach’s videos using the Field Kit have been great:


Just got the USPS notification that it’s in the USA today!


Nice. What number were you?



ttwwweennttyyyyy charz


Mine arrived today! Backer #113
But I was not here to authorize the delivery so I have to make a trip to the post office in the morning
Very excited to start making noise with it


Hmm. I’m backer #43.


The shipments seem pretty random.
I was backer #2 and only got my Field Kit yesterday.
And I never got a shipment notification either.
Just be patient and it’ll show up eventually.


I would mail them… if you’re number #43 of the first backing offer then you would have got a it by now


These are really, really nice


Backer number 2?! Quick on the draw. I thought I was quick at 14.


Can we have a demo video, please?


Wrote them and they sent me a tracking number. All is well!


still in learner stage… :slight_smile: long time ago Autechre said in an interview you should never make tracks with a piece of kit until you’ve had it for 6 months, let’s you get all the cheesy predictable stuff out of your system… I seem to still stick with that advice


Is it bad if this takes you longer than 6 months? (asking for a friend)


This piece of equipment rules


Ha! Good advice. I shall be patient :slight_smile: