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i would love to discuss Native Instruments Kontakt on here. I am hopeful that there are other folks on here that have used it or enjoy using it. The reason why now is because it was always one of those expensive avenues i either could not afford or did not have time to delve into and that time is nigh. I had collected literally dozens of libraries of instruments, scripts for it and put them in this HUGE [because of the sample libraries] folder with the someday attached to it.

I did purchase the latest version so i have a little more wiggle room. And before jumping into Eurorack for real i bought “dirty modular” from Samplephonics, Geo-sonics from soniccouture as well as scriptorium whihc lets you microtune, attach conways games of life to notes, gaussian functions a bunch of stuff i dig.

The issue i was having was a bunch of the older scripts and GUIs were not showing up properly in the player but after the purchase i have revived a healthy set of tools for design.

I am interested to hear what Instruments you favor, I am having a great time with SonicCouture’s Blanks and Attic2 collection as well


Only Kontakt instruments I have used are the drum kits by GetGoodDrums and pianos from Pianobook. Both excellent.

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8Dio has a bunch of fun free Kontakt instruments here:

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Looking for interesting NI Kontakt library banks. Does anybody have maybe any recommendations? Most available banks via NI store or just what I can find online seems to be targeted for Hollywood trailer music composers, rather uninteresting and soaked in long reverbs.

There is Spitfire and Slate + Ash that sounds cool but it’s out of my budged (excerpt free or nearly free ones) and maybe slightly too much Tim Hecker style processed as for my taste. Are there any other “indie” libraries you can recommend?

Thanks for all the tips!

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Try the Pianobook site, lots of great free Kontakt instruments there, including a lovely one from our own @mattlowery

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yah! I got NI Komplete last year and have been so so happy with Kontakt – love sending bonkers generative MIDI from Max into it, and then having all the nice multisampling/dynamics/articulation fades wrestle with turning it into something (un)realistic.

current favs: tons from the factory library (esp orchestral perc and the ‘band’ upright bass – here’s some generative faux Varese: Matthew D. Gantt (@gan.tttt) • Instagram photos and videos )

As far as third party ones – Output Exhale is a blast and nice and juicy, and the free ‘kinetic treats’ are nice and weird/fun.

Super curious to hear about yr experience with Scriptorium too! I was trying to look it up awhile back but had it in my mind it had been depreciated/no longer available?



Ah right Pianobook that’s the one I’m checking most frequently!
Which instruments are made by @mattlowery ?

Thanks @mdg! I have Kontakt since few months but never actually downloaded factory library :see_no_evil: I could never find enough space on my HD. Besides thought it’s the one I should omit. Will check it thought!

Great clip on Instagram btw!!

Scriptorium is no longer available unfortunately.

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Thanks so much @eblomquist

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Sound Dust does some really nice libraries and they are very fairly priced :+1:


I had the pleasure to work on this one (for the UI part):


I’m of course totally biased, but I have to say that I really love how it sounds.


Wow never heard of that one before… it sounds and looks great (no surprises there :wink:).

Something about bowed string samples is just so appealing (especially when using extended techniques)… probably to do with the fact I can’t even get a note out of a violin without it sounding like I’m strangling a cat :grinning:

Yeah, I thought it might appeal to some people here, which is why I posted it!

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I did not know about piano book! Awesome

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Wow, this is seriously great stuff. I bought it last night and used it on a live streamed performance this evening - ended up looping 4 layers of the string pads from Raw Strings using iPad, which added a lot of life and interesting sounds underneath some piano playing. Really unique textures and the UI is great.

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Some local friends (& very talented composers) make interesting Kontakt instruments:


Hello everyone … I’ve had a copy ov kontakt hanging around fo® Quite a while , and havrnt used it much , hold fo®e a couple frustrating bouts with string ensemble sorts ov things … but everyone seems to think it’s not a piece ov shytt , it seems … and doesn’t have to be just sample libraries right ? ( not really into sample libraries here), but am aye​:nazar_amulet: mistaken in thinking that there are some ensembles that can actually process sounds ? :eye:M not sure if it is such so that yuu can use it on an fx bus , but maybe !!! Or is it just all sample-loading / processing within kontakt ??? Maybe hopefully there is they potential fo® Synthesis?? Not sure!!! Anyways, if anyone has some recommendations foR ensembles that offer unique things and not just some romper shytt …like, real complex sound mangling is G​:ringer_planet::ringer_planet:D and spectral /FFT stuff is always opp m​:eye: alley but again: not sure that kontakt can do any ov these…
if y’all have any favorite ensembles that are strange experimental ore just kooky and inspiring , let me know … aye🧿 know that quite a few ov them are free , but aye🧿 will check out free and paid … aye🧿 just need some tips on where to start m👁 journey toward not thinking kontakt is just a bloated vanilla rompler with woeful likkle foR me …



This one is very good and does what you seem to be looking to do.

Alternatively, just make your own sample libraries using the tools in Kontakt?

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Are there more like dis ???

Here are some free Kontakt libraries.


I made the samples for this one.

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