Korg Collection

Korg just released a new version of what was known as the “Korg Legacy Collection”, but is now the Korg Collection

If you own the previous one you can get a free upgrade voucher. If you own M1 Le, which a lot of people do because it came free with a lot of their controllers, it’s like $50 to upgrade.

IMO his bundle is worth it for the M1 and Wavestation VSTs alone, but the Mono/Poly is near as well. The new version also includes the ARP Odyssey (though it costs extra).

Just thought I’d give a heads up since these are some of my favorite software instruments and it’s nice seeing them get a long overdue update!


I was just thinking about this, was never a legitimate owner but had fun way back when. And on sale for $149… but for how long?


Thank you for sharing. To obtain the update for free I just had to migrate my old korguser.net account to Korg’s new site. The directions are easy enough to follow. It issues you a coupon code and you create a new Korg ID. I’m glad that these VSTs are sticking around, they’re all very good but I sold my old Wavestation A/D because UI is so much better on a monitor.

related. while scrolling through Korg’s software I was happy to see that they’ve finally done an iWavestation for iOS devices …it was mind boggling that wasn’t one of their first apps, a vector synth seems like an obvious choice for a touch interface.