Korg Kaossilator for mobile devices

Korg has made their Kaossilator app free for a limited time. For those of you on iOS devices this might be less exciting since you already have many music app options, but for us poor benighted souls on Android, this is really cool!

I’m impressed by how expressive this can be given how simple it is; one big thing is that it allows for polymetric loops, which gives rise to wild results. Plus, it’s really easy for non-musical people to have fun with it; my partner generally has no interest in making music but she spent some time with the app yesterday and had a lot of fun.

Also, you can import your own sounds into it, which leads to a lot of fun sample mangling. Has anyone else used this? How do you like it?


Polymetric loops! Whoa I didn’t realize it could do that. Might need to spend part of my day exploring this functionality.

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Yeah, it’s really fun! You can have very short loops mixed with long ones - loops of length 3/16 or 5/16 mixed with 4-bar loops! For maximum droning, add some loops of length 1/16 (ie, a single beat).

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Nice - I’ll have to grab it now.

Moog model D for iPad is also free atm