Korg volca modding advice?

I am veeeeery interested in this filter in mod of this guy:

But what an annoying if not fishy approach to set up a page to subscribe without any info on the mods. For a year+

I tried to look for mod guides but things like waveform outs only make really sense with this filter in mod for me, wich judged by the vid is also pre EG etc, so opens up a lot of shaping.

Any chance somebody on here has more insight?

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The midi out and VCF “test points” are clearly labelled on the PCB so these are not hard mods to figure out.

Any of the volca midi out guides should work, there is a good one from Marcus Hamblett. (Sorry on mobile so hard to link) If I was to do this I’d be tempted to use a trs plug mounted on the side and do trs midi so to not have to mess with the front panel! I have fat fingers so I don’t find the volca touchpad keyboard to be a particularly compelling midi interface.

The vcf mod should be pretty easy to figure out, but I’d be careful to make sure the input does not exceed volca internal levels (keeping in mind volcas use +/-9v and the signal level is likely much lower)

Also there is a VCA test point that you can use to get the signal before the digital delay unit. This can give a cleaner signal supposedly.

Anyway I have not done any of these mods and this is all from memory…

I’d really like to do some more serious mods to my Keys, but that’s going to involved magnet wire, kapton tape and an inspection microscope… really wish the service manual would leak like the volca bass one did.

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Yup saw the guide you mention.

But i fear the test points you refer to are outputs only not Ins?
Or is the direction working both ways?
My levels are prettly safe.

The sequencer should be nice for midi out i think. But the vcf in is the riddle here for me.
Well also unsure about the loopyiness of the waves when taken out seperate.