KORG volca modular

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link to YouTube vid

From Korg website - link:

A semi-modular analog synthesizer that makes modular synthesis more accessible and understandable than ever before.

Creating new sounds that don’t exist in the outside world is an unending dream which has continued since the birth of electronic musical instruments. This dream has evolved and expanded throughout the development of new and unique music production devices.

The popularity of modular synthesizers around the world has generated new excitement and interest in the so-called “West Coast style” of synthesis that deviates from traditional synthesis norms.

The compact body of this volca synth features eight modules and 50 patch points. While learning the basics of a modular synth, you can use popular features of the volca synthesizer line to control a unique and different flavor of analog sounds.

Can’t find a release date or likely cost but…

grabs sleeping bag and credit card, runs to Korg store :grinning:

Edited to add: Andertons here in the UK show a price of 179GBP ($227.25) but only as a preorder - “Next Delivery Due: Unknown”


very cool considering this is the first “popular” and affordable analog west-coast product that I can think of, other than the 0-coast but even that isn’t exactly cheap. love the idea of more people being exposed to this kind of synthesis!


Who will design a skin for the faceplate w/ the correct buchla font and markings? :thinking:


some pretty nice features packed into this… “the motion sequence function records knob movements, letting you add time-varying change to the sound.”

silly for me to judge based on a few soundcloud clips, but the oscillators don’t sound particularly amazing.

control has them on pre-order for $199.

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I think it sounds pretty great with that reverb, and will be nice for dark drones and pulsing spookiness. Korg’s official demos are some of the weaker ones I’ve heard so far from my point of view.

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Interesting to see how compatible it is with the AE Modular format. They appear to use the same pin cables for patching.


The cables are very standard jumper wires, used in breadboards, so they’ll be compatible in that sense: the question is if they use the same voltage standard… There are a few other synths that use these cables too, like the werkstatt and the minisizer

Richard Devine just posted three pretty excellent sounding patches with it. If I weren’t a proud new owner of a 208r I’d definitely consider it.

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Has anybody heard what the voltage range on those jumper cables is? Kind of wondering if I could use it to sequence eurorack, given a jumper-to-3.5mm format jumbler from Sound Machines that I happen to own.

Been wondering about that myself. notably they’ve put in a CV IN, but no out of any sort other than sync.

edit: from the manual pdf

PSU is 9V so it has to be limited range.
6 x 1.5V = 9V but Ni-MH rechargeables (apparently supported) are 1.2V so that’s 7V - far from -12V to +12V Eurorack.

The KA-350 PSU is powerful, but I wouldn’t expect the same of 6 x AA batteries. It says for battery life “Approximately 10 hours (using alkaline batteries)” so I don’t expect them to push voltage up high (or at all).

Only thing I’ve found so far is someone saying 0-6V on Gearslutz.

Most jumper cable modular synths are 0-5V, so 0-6V sounds plausible. I wonder what the GS comment’s source was.

someone send like 4 of these to alessandro cortini please


The manual on the website says the audio and CV range is +/- 3.3V (the CV input clips at +/- 5V and scales down to 3.3).


I was thinking the same thing. He likes Volcas–I remember he once said he thought the Volca Keys is a really great way to learn about synthesis.

Ok, cool. Fine for eurorack (but not my diode protected jumbler) but not fine for 0-5V jumper synths that can’t handle negative voltage. Good to know.

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Given this, I’m curious what solutions might exist for CV out to eurorack. Anyone have an idea? Something like using the source of uncertainty (er, “woggle”) with my eurorack could be useful, among other things.

I really should read the manual, but does the Volca have some sort of patchable ground? That + voltage to the terminals of a 3.5mm jack and you’ve got a CV out.

Maybe “ground” could he grabbed from the sync or CV output? Not sure.

Pretty good video review:


this sounds great. basically if i wasn’t locked on euro I would have an 0-coast and have preordered the hecking heck out of this. I love small, robust designs like this.

HOWEVER those patch cables would be super duper annoying.