(Kria) Feature(?) trigger-step params

I had an idea for an alternate mode for tracks in Kria. In this mode, all other parameters besides the trigger parameter only get clocked on steps when a trigger fires. The setting is per track and the division for a parameter just becomes how many triggers it stays on the same step for.

I don’t know if this video clearly demonstrates it very well :thinking:

I’m curious if this is a feature anyone else is interested in.


That looks interesting but the one I really want is a global octave shift per channel so I can ditch the beasts chalkboard


ansible.zip (86.7 KB)
Here’s a .hex file if anyone wants to give it a try. I added the toggles right under the manual clocking toggles on the scale screen.


No idea how to find the time for all these goodies lately… thanks a lot for sharing!

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As someone whose been thinking about getting Ansible primarily for Kria, this just added a whole lot of interest for me :heart_eyes:

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Wow, this looks amazing! I’ll try it out tonight if I get the chance. I think it would be a little more clear if the video showed just one voice. That being said, I love the patch going on here!

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Awesome idea! Look forward to trying

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Is the code for this on a public github repo?

here’s a commit with the changes


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This looks pretty cool. @freqout. At the moment I’m still pretty new to kria, and trying to get my head fully around how to get the current stable 1.6 to do what I want it to do, but definitely plan on trying this. Is this something that could possibly go into the next stable firmware release with an option to turn it on/off?

Yep that’s what I’m hoping. The option to turn it on/off is already in there and per-track for a whole preset. My thinking is that you would probably want to keep a voice in this mode across multiple patterns in the same preset.

I’m going to also re-jigger the placement of the toggles in the upper-left of the scale screen. At some point it was mentioned that it would make more sense to have the toggles mapped to the tracks vertically to correspond with the way they appear in the Trigger screen.


This is cool: I’m not sure if it’s more or less ‘logical’ than the current functionality, but good to have the option.

Almost 2 years later, I finally spent some time with this feature, and it’s great! I thought it was worth necro’ing the thread to say so. It’s like an instant way to get an alternate, but strongly related variant of your pattern. I also found it pretty easy to go back to the original, which isn’t always the case when you start introducing lots of different time divisions and loop lengths to various parameters.

So thanks for this @freqout! Good fun, and useful!