Kria: freeze when changing meta-sequence overall length

Hi there, I’m running Kria on Ansible using a 2021 grid. I’m just starting to explore meta-sequencing and it appears that whenever I change the meta-sequence length - that is, the number of patterns in the meta-sequence - Ansible freezes immediately and must be hard rebooted.

Can anyone else reproduce this issue?

Tried last night, can’t replicate, do you mean adding or subtracting meta steps? Is it with any number of steps or only after a threshold?

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Thanks for the response - any change to meta steps triggers the freeze, there doesn’t seem to be any threshold. I can upload a clip when I get back to my desk.

I’m having the same problem. I also have 2021 grid. When I go to meta sequence page and try to change the length of the the meta sequence (third line of grid buttons from the top) with the loop button the grid freezes. It either freezes the lights or shuts down the lights completely. If the lights were frozen and I take the cord out and in again the grid flashes the short starting animation with the lights but then no lights no nothing. If the lights went out when it froze it doesn’t even show the start animation when I do this. Only thing that makes it run again is to power my whole case on and off again.

Has anybody figured out what causes this and how to fix it?

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Ahh, I just sold my Ansible, but yeah, that’s the exact problem I had. I hope someone chimes in with ideas!

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just to close the loop, this issue seems to be fixed by the heroic @csboling in the latest beta: Ansible Development and Beta Firmware Discussion :slight_smile:


Fantastic!! Glad to hear that.

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