Kria loop length feature broken?


I just updated Ansible to the newest firmware.

In Kria when I want to change the loop length of a track all other tracks change with it so everything always has the same length.

Is this a flaw in the firmware or is it me?

Thanks so much for any tips in the right direction!

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I got confused at first with the new setup pages, since there are two now which look a bit similar but do different things. All tracks are linked by default at first - I tried to change this in the wrong page and thought it was broken…

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Is there a manual for Kria other than the information on the Ansible product page?

The „Extended parameters“ explanation appears twice in the Kria description. Maybe where it appears the first time there should have actually been an explanation of how to setup and change (basic) functions and a copy/paste error occurred when inserting the text on the website?

Can you tell me how to do it? Cannot find it in the Kria doc…

Btw, I’m originally from Leverkusen.

Aha. That might have been a dodgy merge when the documentation was updated - I’m in part responsible for the updates to Ansible documentation.

The section on “Loop Sync” under “Config” for Kria should have the details on choosing how loops are synced; you access this from Key 2, ie, the second black button on the front of the Ansible when you are in the Kria app.

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Try this thread, that’s where I got advice to understand it:



I’ve been there a few times but originally it’s just my email address for decades now after this had a strange and impactful influence on me in my youth:


Thanks for the pointer!

I had read those words in the doc before, but they had no meaning to me at the time.
Now I know what to make of them.

So many possibilities!
Awesome awesome awesome!

Will the documentation be revised if needed?

That would be great. I’m not a coder so I really rely on reasonably accurate and coherent docs…

Due to whatever learning style I have, I need to spend a lot of time puzzling my way through manuals while trying to replicate the instructions with hands on the devices… if the docs are wrong, I’m pretty well screwed!

I do find the docs for monome and mannequins to be a bit oblique, and suspect they could be made somewhat more user-friendly… not a criticism, just an observation…


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The Ansible documentation should be reasonably up-to-date - I’ve been trying to keep an eye on it, but I will admit that I am not up-to-date with a version running on my own module, and have lost track of versions. The community has been working on keeping it up-to-date, and I’ve certainly been trying to ensure that anyone adding or changing functionality also adds or changes the documentation in the same ‘pull request’ (request to change a bunch of code).

I’ll also note that the Ansible documentation is One Big Page primarily because that’s how it’s written. The styling of the monome site itself possibly makes the delineations between apps hard to tell, and it just becomes one huge page that’s hard to skim; it might be that doing a page-per-app is more appropriate. That’s a little project, and I’m on vacation for a bit so can’t really kick that off.

But I am going to suggest it here now, and perhaps as an enhancement ticket over at Github.


I just copied and pasted the docs for the different Ansible apps into their own word documents and made PDFs.
That works very well for me. A bit of compartmentalization can clear things up quite a bit.

Still, the Monome docs, even though far better than Mannequins, are not necessarily the most straight-forward manuals out there.
Otoh maybe that encourages some head-wrapping-around which may eventually lead to a better understanding.

In the doc it says „By default Note Sync is on, and Loop Sync is set to Track.“, but it seems that after updating the firmware (and thus resetting all presets) the default state for Loop Sync was „All“.

Yes, I know.

The question is: is that intended new behaviour - the default changed, and it was meant to change, and now the docs should change - or is it an oversight on the part of whoever last touched the firmware? I don’t know the answer.

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I’m keen on taking this on in the next few weeks – thank you for the bump + excellent foundation.


I think this is an error I made while editing the docs, loop sync has been ALL by default for at least three years. I will do a pass over the docs today to remove duplicate sections and check for correctness, very sorry for the trouble all.


Separate documentation pages for each of the apps would be a huge benefit and much appreciated. I’m struggling to learn Kria. Trying to search for something with browser Find (ctrl-F) often sends me into the docs for other apps which simply leads to more frustration when I’m trying to learn something basic.


That would be extremely helpful!

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Yeah, or at least links from the top to each section (depending on what the translation from markdown to the monome site will support).

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separating out the apps into subpages makes a ton of sense.

I am happy to do this today, though I might wait on @csboling to glance the current version as one who is more familiar than myself with the current version :slightly_smiling_face:


Shoot, I made a branch here to split Ansible apps out to their own files before I started reading through, and right after I pushed it I saw the discussion on github. Hope that’s not repeating work you already did @infovore! @tehn is there a build script I could use to confirm that the page cross-reference links work correctly? I don’t need to generate the whole site necessarily but am not sure what software is used to compile the markdown. Pandoc? I’ll give that a whirl here in a sec.