port of Kria from Ansible to Norns

This is a very straight port of Kria from Ansible to Norns. It’s basically a direct translation of the original source into Lua. It would really benefit from some UI work - I’m thinking of adding a screen to support editing scales next (so you can see what notes you hare!). Contained within this is the Kria code as a library that can be included in other projects


grid, midi


[include instructions inline, or provide link to external documentation, or attach a PDF/etc.]



Thanks so much for updating this. Love having Kria available outside of my case

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I know little of Kria, but that video is amazing.

Would it be possible to add a few more tracks?

Loving it! Opening up new ways to use this old synth that I’ve had for a good 8 years.

A few little things that I noticed:

When I turn a note off I can’t turn it on again unless I turn on another note in the same step first.

I’m not too sure if the scales are following the same system as on ansible kria. On ansible the left column is the same note as the row below, the next one to the right is a semitone above that, and so on. On this version it seems that the left column is a semi tone higher, then the next one to the right a whole tone, etc. Not sure how much it matters but I guess it might to some.

There seems to be no ratcheting (a feature I use a lot!).

It would be amazing to have one of the encoders controlling the tempo!

Your idea to have the screen show what note is playing and to show the scales is brilliant too!

I think porting kria into norns is fantastic, as it’s such a great composition tool and I’m sure many of us are very familiar with it as an interface now too. Love your work. Wish that I was more savvy so I’d be able to help with bugs!

I’ll let you know what else I notice in using it that might not be quite right. Looking forward to trying this on my M4000D Mellotron!


Thank you for bug reports. I’ll have a stint fixing them early next week. Glad you are finding it useful

I’ll add in ratcheting too!


Thanks for porting this over junklight! I’ve been intrigued by Kria for awhile but alas no Ansible, so I’m excited to play around with this. Gonna give it a whirl later tonight.

how hard would it be to implement a numerical tempo control so as to set the starting point for the tempo. It seems it defaults to 110bpm

Should be easy. I’ve got a number of bits & pieces I want to do to it. Not least a Ui for scales so I know what notes it’s playing :slight_smile: but i’m a bit overcommitted just now so all in due course…


Thanks a lot @junklight for porting KRIA. I was playing with it, awesome sequencer. Just one issue though, the scale had no effect on the notes of my sequences. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

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confirmed: scales and ratcheting not working yet

@junklight really great! i’m so happy to have up-to-date kria ready to go, outside the modular!

Is there maybe somewhere guide/manual how to use Kria?

About 1/3 down on this page:


I tried to install this today and found that the folder needs to be renamed with a capital K for it to work. But after I got it working I had my first go at it following the instructions linked above and am amazed how powerful it is. I am only understanding it at a very high level I think at this point, but am looking forward to diving in more, so thanks for the port @junklight!

I used it create this on the shuttle system, which came out sounding remarkably like a tuba/clarinet duo!


After playing around with this for a few hours, I am thinking that the scale function is not working at all (for me anyway). Regardless of what notes I press into the rows on the scales page, the notes do not change at all, nor when I select different preset scales. Anyone else notice this? Thanks for your consideration @junklight

Soooo Kria with samples? A possibility?

Shipped off the non music project. Got an iOS app to ship & then will do a few days on Norns including this & islands (Earthsea and Kria with multitimbral Version of FM7 engine) before I look for more paid work

Will fix scales including a UI so you can see what notes you have. Too much counting on my fingers trying to work out what scale i’ve got set. Ratcheting too :slight_smile:

There is no reason it won’t drive the Timber engine too. I shall see what I can do.


Love the thought of Kria + Timber! Loading lots of samples and using “scales” to determine what samples to play would be all sorts of fun


Bumping this since it helped me and I was stumped!

I Would like to know this too. I’ve beeb reading up on Kria and would LOVE for this to be working on norns.