Kria: no preset mode with clock input patched

Possible bug?: With a cable patched into the clock input, I can’t get into Preset mode. Unpatch the cable and it works.

Very odd. I’ve been using exactly that set up and had no such issue.

OK, guess I’ll double check my current firmware.

FWIW, I just thought this was the case on my Ansible, but as it turns out, I was pressing the Preset button on the module at a sharp angle and the button itself wasn’t registering a press. I changed my press-angle closer to 90˚ and it worked fine.

Actually, I’m now experiencing a variation on this behavior. What happens for me is that after an extended period of inactivity (two hours, maybe?) Ansible becomes entirely unresponsive to front panel input. None of the 3 buttons react to user input and unplugging and replugging the Grid doesn’t help, neither does swapping an Arc.

I was reluctant to power cycle as I had been building something earlier, but then I realized that photos can be a last resort when needing to rescue some unsaved work.

Power cycling fixes the Time and Config View buttons, but not the Preset function. Long-press works fine to switch Applications, but the short press does nothing… until I unplug the clock input (source: Pamela’s New Workout powered by Intellijel TPS80w). I’m running the firmware version that shipped with Ansible a couple weeks ago.

@dudadius, did you ever resolve this?

[EDIT: Two hours later, during use, the Grid stops being responsive, but still shows current movement on active page. Disconnecting/Reconnecting the Grid fixes it.]

My preset issue went away… Don’t know what fixed it…

However, my Grid is becoming unresponsive sometimes, as you describe, while hooked to Ansible. Replugging the Grid brings it ‘back to life’.

Weird. Well, something is definitely up. Hopefully, others who are experiencing it can chime in and we can all get to the bottom of it.

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please keep me posted with as many details as possible. these long-power-on issues are notoriously difficult to reproduce!

Great. Thanks, @tehn. I left the Grid on all day today patched into my second Ansible module and there was no freezing. Granted, there were no presets saved, totally blank/fresh in Kria, and the module wasn’t being externally clocked, so nothing was ‘playing’.

Next, I’ll try it on the same module but clock it.

I also might just reload the firmware on the first module and test.

I’ll report back when I have more findings.

I haven’t reloaded any firmware yet, but I experienced unexpected behavior with the second Ansible when clocked. After about 30 minutes of use, Ansible’s Gate and CV outs froze. The Grid kept on dancing as if Ansible was kicking out the jams, but there were clearly no jams being kicked out. Next, all buttons on the Grid went dark. Upon unplugging/replugging the Grid it would do this:

The click is me plugging the USB A connector into Ansible.

It stays off. Powering down the case and powering back up fixes it.

I’m clocking with Pam’s new, 120bpm, various multiplications from x4 to x48. I’ll try different clock sources next.

Ansible #2 clocked by DLD: Grid became unresponsive after 40 minutes of use. Lights still show activity, Ansible still outputting the goods. Unplug/Replug USB fixes issue.

Would like to jump into the conversation as I have had the same issue with grid becoming unresponsive after using it for a long time.

As I have received a new front board from Brian for another issue I had, I thought it was the problem but after some use with the new board it keeps having this behaviour.

Also, disconnecting and connecting again solve the problem for some minutes but to properly resolve everything I need to power cycle.

Also I never experienced any problem with clocked input plugged in, also because I use only clocked input on Ansible.

working on these issues now. if you see different types of freezes, please post details.

I experienced the preset bug last night and saw this thread this AM. All other panel buttons seemed to work as intended. I could even change apps with a long press. The short press preset mode was the only thing apparently not working. The unit had been connected and powered on for quite some time (like, all weekend). I’m on 1.5 BTW.

I just experienced the same freeze issue with Arc and Ansible. First, the CV outs froze while the lights looked like nothing was wrong. So I unplugged/replugged a couple of times and the Arc flashed similarly to the above unresponsive Grid video and went dark.

So the same issue is affecting both Grid and Arc, with both Ansible modules, in the case powered by the TPS-80w. Ansible was being externally clocked/reset by Pam’s New. Power cycling resets back to working order.

Should I create a new post for this issue? That is if the title better reflected the issue that has emerged, perhaps other users who might be experiencing it might see it and contribute.

that seems like a good call, for debugging help. thanks–

Okay, thanks. Will do.