Kria or other Monome module control of midi synth?

How did you get on with this in the end. Seems like you were having good results at the last update. Did it remain reliable enough?

I’ve been doing this with a Disting Mk4 and the DIY MIDI I/O kit Thonk offers. Works great. It is set to quantize but obviously the incoming CV is already quantized - still, it works.

Interesting, I saw that on the feature list for the Mk4. Sounds like you’re really happy with it. Do you ever get it playing wrong notes?

Maybe it’s time I upgrade from Mk3…

You know, I’ve never really paid attention to it. My Kria ramblings are so random that I would have no idea if a note was “wrong” or not. That being said, I’ve never had it play out of scale when the mk4 is set to semitones. There is another MIDI-only algorithm but I haven’t experimented with it yet.

For reference, I’ve used the mk4 to send MIDI to a Slim Phatty (racked with my euro stuff), Minitaur, Bastl XOR, Mother 32, and a Volca FM. All with good results.

Great thanks for the feedback, seems like a good option to consider

It didn’t. 99.5% of the time it was fine and then an out of key note would sound (impossible based on the sequencing, so the Doepfer was the culprit). I gave up. Luckily, at the time, I had alternative strategies available. I still really want a reliable CV to Midi solution (hello monome! would this be a great new ansible mode?), but I don’t have one. I await the Delptronics module, which has been ‘coming soon’ for a year or so…

I’m been trying to use the Novation Bass Station but it’s so inconsistently inaccurate. Probably hits right notes only 80% of the time…
Seems like the Disting Mk4 is a good bet. Also ADDAC222 and 221 seem like pretty great options though super pricey.

You could really justify having a few Distings in a case as long as you don’t mind menu diving. I have a mk2 as well. Still, I have maybe 3 algorithms I use regularly and I just learn where they are and how they work. Another handy function is the two track recording to SD on the mk4. But the MIDI I/O is what made me pull the trigger.

The Squarp Hermod will solve this:

I have a Disting MIDI I/O expander that I may sell soon as I’ve never actually used it…