Kria patterns

sorry if this is already discussed, i didn’t see it in a quick search. is there a way to trigger pattern changes in ansible kria like white whale? am i overlooking something or is it planned for implementation at all?

Do you mean from Teletype? That was recently added. I also see in the documentation: “Patterns are shown along the top row, with 16 available total.”

oh okay, yeah i should check out the TT integration! i was more curious about automating them in the kria interface so patterns would go from 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 etc…

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The latest I’m aware of is that Tehn is actively working on this feature. See this Pull Request comment from about two weeks back:


ah fantastic, thank you!

Also…is there a way to manually cue up a pattern change so that the next pattern changes when the counter reaches the first slot? This is a crucial feature for me.

i intend to have a queued pattern change facility. currently the patterns change immediately.


That would be super! I’m preparing for a performance and longing for queued pattern change. A common longing, to be sure…


Hi as described in the title, not sure if it is currently possible to select next pattern with a gate input, or selecting one of the 16 patterns with CV values.

apologies if this was discussed before.


With ansible all by itself, I don’t think this is possible. The CV inputs are hard coded to clock and reset functions. With a teletype connected on the i2c bus, you can issue commands that change the patterns, and trigger scripts that would perform these functions with CV (into teletype).

With ansible/kria standalone, best option might be to look at the meta sequencing function described in the documentation. It’s not exactly what you’re asking about, but it does give you the ability to sequence pattern changes internally.


! thanks a lot for the clarification !

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